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Really bad ''diaper rash''- what do I do?  

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My 5-week-old bottle baby has had runny poop since I rescued him (he was abandoned outside my work when he was 5 days old), and it seems that it's given him a very bad case of diaper rash. He's all red and swollen around his little bum, and the underside of his tail/insides of his legs are red and fur-less. I've tried to keep him as clean and dry as I possibly can, but nothing I seem to do helps. He cries whenever he sits down, whenever he goes to the bathroom and now he seems to have chafed himself to the point of bleeding.

I'm at a complete loss of what to do-- I've tried several different medicines [flagyle, albon and one other one] to help stop the diarrhea, but nothing really fixes it. Does anyone have advice for me...?
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Has he not been seen by a vet since you brought him home?, because really that's the first port of call and it sounds like a vet trip is whats needed if he's crying as well
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My bottle baby had diaper rash but not that bad. If he is crying I think he should be seen by a vet. there might be something else going on. The poor little fella must feel terrible.
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Awww poor baby! Unless he is showing outward signs of illness, I would wait on the vet visut...his immune system is not strong and there is always illness lingering at the vets office. He may be over eating? If he is having loose bowels and is lethargic or seems dehydrated I would def take him to the vet. For now I would get some A&D ointment and put it on his bum and sore area after you stimulate him....Good luck!!
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Take him to the vet ASAP but if you arent going by tomorrow, try some Bene-bac. It is the gut flora they all need to properly digest their food. He did not get any from mom. You can get it at PetSmart.

The hairless legs tells me he may also have ringworm. If so, he's going to need creams, shampoos and maybe some oral medication, depending on how bad it is. The vet can help there.

Good luck - and thanks for helping him!
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I mixed my formula with a little more water and added a probiotic and our runs were gone in 2 days. Formula is hard on their stomach and depending on what kind of formula it can be to rich.
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He's going with me to my voluenteer group tomorrow [cats in need of human care, fullerton division] to be looked over by the ladies that know cat illnesses far better than I do. He has seen a vet-- it was the first place that he was taken after being rescued from that awful box. He had two siblings-- both of which passed on in the first 48 hours after being rescued-- one from a horrid infestation of fleas and general weakness and the other from a terrible URI.

I spoke with some of the ladies with C.I.N., and they reccomended desitin original paste for the rash and children's immodium to help with the diarrhea. His stools have changed from the consistency of gooey water to paste and back to a liquid-y substance in the course of 24 hours. A vet visit is in the works for tomorrow.

Re: Bene-bac, I do have some. I work at a Petsmart, and so have a wealth of information and supplies at hand. Balder isn't the first kitten that I've rescued-- though he's the first with such horrible health issues.

At the moment, he's calmed down a bit. He's eating a bit more-- I was reccomended that I buy organic meat [since that's what his mama would've been weaning him to had he been left with her], make that into a pulp, mix it with a bit of formula and give him that. He's been making little growls at it and trying to figure out exactly how to get it down. He hasn't been drinking formula from the bottle for a few days now; I kept trying to get him to go back to it, simply for suppliment's sake, but he's been refusing.

Thank you for your advice so far-- it's been helpful. Don't worry, I'll get him to a vet. He's hale and hearty other than the mushy poop, and I'm certain that he's free of ringworm. The missing patches of fur are in matched spots on each inner 'knee', and came from the acidity of his urine/defication. If he had ringworm... I'd have it too by now. Please let me know if there's anything else that you have to offer-- your advice is golden.

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Good - it sounds like you know what you're doing. The immodium will work, I'm sure. He sounds like he's ready to be weaned, so hopefuly, that and him growing up a little will solve the problem.

I'm not sure whether to say you're lucky to work at Petsmart or not. If I did, they wouldn't have to bother giving me a paycheck - it would be all spent before I had a chance to earn it!
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Hello all-- I have a sad update on Balder. We took him into the vet today, and while they were giving him fluids to help counter the dehydration that had set in from the diarrhea, he passed on.

Thank you for all your help. He's at peace now, and at least he's not hurting anymore. Granted, saying that sounds fake and empty to those of us he left behind. I know I'll see him again someday, but for today, the loss is blindingly painful.
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I will now close this thread.

RIP little one.
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