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A couple of litter problems!!

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Hey guys,
Ive encounted a couple of litter problems this last few weeks, I buy good high quality litter for my two cats, they share 1 large covered litter tray which has never been a problem but over the last couple of weeks, usually when the litter is due for changing, Tinkerbell, my older cat reminds me of this by refusing to use it & going outside the litter tray instead, she then meowed quite loude as if to tell me what she had done,
I understand that even though I clean it out 4-5 times a day that waste can still be left behind so I have invested in a bag of the worlds best cat litter to see if this suites Tinkerbells fussy nature.
The problem is now that my younger kitten Daisy quite liked the taste of this new litter & has taken to eating it, so now I dont know what to do for the best, Ive got 1 cat who is too posh to poop in few day old litter & one who preferes to eat it!! HELP
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I tried worlds best with past cats, and also had one who snacked on it. She did use the litter, but they didn't really like it overall so it was shortlived.

Can you add another box? That often solves litter tray problems, even if things were fine before.
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What kind of litter do you use? I tried WBCL before and it worked. With my kitten he did not like the texture of it, so we started on Dr Elsey's products. It is normal for some cats to try to eat it, since it's made of corn. In small amounts is harmless, but it goes against the grain free diet
The recommended number of litter boxes is one per cat plus one, so you probably need three. Also I recommend trying some regular boxes, not covered. Some cats prefer privacy, most don't. Dr Elsey's actually writes on his little brochure that covered litter boxes were made for owners, not cats. I am not sure I agree with him, but my cats(now two) both use big-o Sterilite containers. They are cheaper than litter boxes, and I plan on replacing them completely every so often. Also I find it easier to clean than hooded ones(unless you pick the Omega Paw ones which is a breeze to clean).
Good luck
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Thanks guys for the advise, should I put a 2nd litter box in the same place a s the 1st or somewhere different?
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I would definitely get another littertray too. Around the same place if you can but I have trays spread all round the house and it's fine. A good and cheaper litter than WBCL (which I've tried and thought it was ok, but not good enough to justify the price of it) is Cat's Best Oko Plus. It clumps really well, lasts for ages and doesn't smell at all. You can get it online from Zooplus or at Pets At Home if you have one near you.
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I use Fresh Step blue crystal silica litter, and it works extremely well.

Because crytals obsorb urine and dry out poop, i clean the litter box only once every 24hr. I clean the whole litter box and fill with fresh, new litter every 2 weeks. I buy 10lb jugs... so you need about 5lb every 2 weeks.

Seems for you it may be a good solution to try crytals instead of running after them and cleaning every time they go.

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Thanks again for the advise guys, im actually really liking WBCL in itself and daisy does seem to have stopped eating it. Im going to get another litter box too and put it close by, my problem is now that since the first time Tink peed in her basket the other day she has now done it several times over the last couple of days even though this new litter is perfectly clean, ive to wash her basket now three times in the last few days.
She has never shown this behaviour in the whole 9 monthes we have had her, im not sure if her first "accident" due to the litter box needing cleaning last week has created some sort of bad habbit but now im not sure how to break it, ive now thrown the basket in question away in an attempt to break this cycle. please help
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Cat attract cat litter or litter attractant (to use with any litter) can work really well.
I know you like WBCL, but I would like to suggest a different litter in the new box you are adding; there is a possibility that they don't like this litter too much. Try a clay litter on the other box and see what happens. Something else to consider: Cats don't pee or poop close to their food, and if they think this litter is food, they can refuse to use it as litter.
I would highly recommend one of the Dr. Elsey's litters - I had problems with a natural pellet type litter before, and since changing to Dr. Elsey's I have never had another accident. I use the precious cat ultra.
Good luck to you!!
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Thanks again guys, I took Tink to the vets & it turned out she had a urine infection, she is on antibiotics & is using the litter tray fine now so so far so good
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