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Fred's new friends

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I have 2 other foster kittens to be Fred's playmates. When I said I'd take them, I had no idea the size difference - Fred is 3x their size! I think Jana is the tuxie & Julie the tabby. They're about 7 weeks? He's still not so impressed.

This was the best I could do for pics. They're piggies, food everywhere, litter everywhere, knocking things off - having a high old time!

See? Piggies! And look at the size difference!

Hopefully I can get some other good pics - it's dark in the room they're in due to it being in the basement, and most of the pics came out as blurs.
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Fred has some very cute friends.
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They're absolutely adorable! Fred looks HUGE next to them.
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Wow, are they adorable! I bet it's only a matter of time before Fred warms up to them.
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New pics of them, they're your basic naughty babies! Fred's been beyond a nightmare to medicate (he bit me through a comforter tonight), these guys are saints. Fred is starting to play with them, but only on his terms, when he wants - or else he whaps them upside the head!

Not so sure of the dog at first (and they haven't met the big dogs yet!)

Fred getting a smooch

She was sleeping like this

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Oh gosh, those are the cutest little kitties Now I want a little kitty Keep up with the pictures!
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Oh those are sweet pics It looks like Freddie came around
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OMG! I love the second batch of pics! Actually I love them all! What a bunch of characters you are fostering, they couldn't have a better foster home
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Little cuties! I love kittens.
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awww how sweet..they are beautiful!
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Why do kittens have to be so cute? It makes it so hard to resist the idea of getting MORE kittens... And the brattiness only adds to the appeal for me, sadly enough. I think it's adorable. Little kittens have me wrapped around their cute little tiny paws.
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