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Isis the Kitten Garbage Disposal

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Isis has proven yet again that anything that goes in our mouthes is certainly not unworthy for her to eat. My roommate, her owner, was snacking on peanuts, and one dropped to the kitchen floor. At first she played with it, so my roommate just let her be. Thought it was being cute. Then she ate it.

She ate a peanut. Is that even healthy for a kitten? I mean, I know that the very young and the very old of the people variety shouldn't eat peanuts or any kind of nut for that matter, so what about kittens or even cats? Good grief, Isis is a handful when it comes to eating around her.
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This is just my personal preference, but I don't feed my cats on the floor, and if something drops, I pick it right up. My cats get wet food dry food, cooked veggies, boiled chicken, and shredded cheese- not all at once!
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Generally I do the same, but I live with two guys who are college age so when something drops on the floor and they're eating...well they don't pick up anything when it comes to interrupting their eating. I came in once to find that one of the bathrooms had flooded, and they told me they'd take care of it right after they finished dinner. heh.

Cooked veggies? *nods* Isis likes veggies. She likes anything it seems. And I know she'll go for chicken. Isis loves chicken.
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hehe... my kitten loves chicken too so much almost took my finger with it. He also went crazy and climbed all the way to my mouth when I was eating a can of sardine. I think he would want to get something out of my mouth if he could do it.
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*giggles* Yea, that sounds rather familiar.

I was eating pizza today and she climbed up me to latch on my arms meowing at my face to get a bite. Then my roommate when to get a glass of water, turned his back for a moment, and the next thing he knows Isis is eating his chili.

Ah...they're wonderfully silly, and yet, must try to teach her not to do it. heh.
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I have to be SO careful, as Spike has EVERYTHING going in that mouth of his!!! --Food--or not!! He was a little abandoned guy (4 weeks old) when I found him. I think he has a different mentality from other cats who were raised with a secure "childhood" with their Mommy Kitties? He is a scavanger, and acts like every meal is probably his last. When I found him, he almost died the next day, as he was found to have eaten WOOD CHIPS!!!! AAAAKKKKKK!!!! He made it through, but I really, really have to watch him so closely, like a little kid!! YIKES!
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