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Kitty Cold War

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Okay, so I posted some time ago about issues with the introduction and re-introduction of Dusty (female 9 year old) to my existing boys (Moe, 6 and Chester, 5) and the lack of peace, love and grooviness amongst these cohabitating kitties. It's been 3-1/2 months since Dusty aka the Grey Pisser (thankfully, THAT peepee issue has resolved itself) came to the house and it's still a massive challenge. We've done the introduction and several reintroductions by the book without success. Dusty has essentially decided that the best place for her to be is on the kitchen counter (away from any food preparation area) right above where the cat food is located. This location offers her unobstructed views down the hall and into the living room so she can make stealth visits to the peepee lounge without alerting the boys, otherwise Chester will block her. So, in her desired real estate, the boys will walk by, not even noticing that she's up there and she'll hang over the edge, hissing and taking shots with her furry little fists of fury and they just look at her like "whaaa??" So, she's not making it any easier on herself. On the other hand, Chester, aka The Orange Menace, doesn't care what means of discipline or deterrent we use on him to get him to leave her alone on the rare occasions when she does venture off the kitchen counter when he and Moe, aka the Curious Penguin, are roaming. We've used whistles, rattling cans with coins, throwing a blanket, water gun, a sharp word - nothing. We've tried rewarding good behaviour as well as ignoring the confrontations in the hopes that they will sort it out themselves. Moe just sort of goes with the flow and doesn't really pay much attention to Dusty but I think sometimes he and Chester lie under the bed at night, plotting a sneak attack with a flashlight, blueprints and a GPS. Feliway is not available in Canada - it was pulled off the shelves due to non-compliance with the Canadian Safety Association standards requirements, so that's not even an option. Anyone? Anyone? I don't want to be like Krushchev and start banging shoes!

Thanks for reading and any input would be appreciated!

PS - Know any "cat whisperers"?
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My opinion is that unless they are seriously trying to kill each other, let them work it out among themselves.
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It took my two girls 2 years to tear down the invisible wall between them, so just give it time. As long as there was no blood, unusual crying or growling, I just let them work it out. Now they play together nicely...most of the time.
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