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Pet food website with free/low shipping costs?

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After finding out that my local feed store doesn't carry TOTW, I started looking online for pet food websites which won't charge that much for shipping. Are there any? Thank you.
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All I can say is good luck. We have a local independent pet store that sales lots of different brands, and a little Western store that sales TOTW. I am very interested in TOTW but since I had a coupon for Wellness Core(thank you snake-lady) I went that route. Before that I did some online research and was OUTRAGED that some online sites charge as much for shipping as the cost of the food.
I hope other TCS members have answers. I just get frustrated with shipping costs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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If you sign up for Pet Food Direct's savings club, they send you coupons pretty often for anywhere from 12-22% off. That might cover your shipping, or at least a decent chunk of it?
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Where do you find PetFoodDirect's savings club? They used to send me emails with the discount codes, but not in a long time.
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They send me emails all the time.. you must have gotten off the list somehow. Um.. if you sign up for the contest to win pet food for a year you automatically get signed up. I'm not sure where you sign up normally.
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something else you can do is google for that store coupon codes... I often get great coupons like that, no matter where I shop.
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The listeners of Tracie Hotchner's cat Chat radio show in New York can use the coupon code catchat for a 20% discount at, so for the purposes of cheaposity, I think it would be fine if you become honorary listeners. You can check the page on her website for updates. That should help offset the shipping costs.

BTW, I think there's a link somewhere on her site to listen to tapes of the show and it's actually pretty interesting, as is the info on her site.
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A lot depends on where you live and how far they have to ship the package. I've used West Coast Pet Supply and the shipping for me is not too bad, especially if I order three or four 15# bags at a time. However, I'm not too far from California. I assume they would charge more to ship to the east coast.
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I buy on petfooddirect... what I do is wait until I get a 22% off coupon in an email and then order like 3-5 months worth of food at that time...I usually have to order around $120 worth of food for the 22% to be enough to nullify the shipping. It is worth it for me, however, as I can get natural balance canned much cheaper than I can at my local petco and I can get things not available evo, totw, etc. I'd sign up for their email list and then, when you get the coupon, "play" around with the shopping cart and the items you order until the discount nullifys the shipping charges.

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