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I love Marines!

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They are such well mannered young men. (most of them) Ther were some sitting around the table at the shop this evening, and when I went to sit down, they all stood, and the one closest to me pulled out my chair. I thought that was so nice. They always call me ma'am, say please and thank you, and just generally act like gentlemen, even when they are in the midst of a little youthful exuberance. Some of the regulars that had been in Iraq are beginning to get back. I am glad that so far, none of them that we know were killed or badly injured. Some of the first ones back that were injured hobbled in on crutches, or were all bandaged up, but they came in right from the hospital. They are so proud to have served their country in wartime, and all of them say they would go back if needed. Some of the conditions of the Iraqi people that they tell us about is just heartbreaking. Children maimed, fathers and brothers dragged away, never to be seen again, women raped and tortured for the amusement of those sick a$$holes in charge. If the men and women that served proudly think it was a just war, I tend to believe it, even if I hadn't already thought so.
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Ura! Semper Fi!

My Daddy is a Marine, and I know exactly what you mean Rebecca. No matter when they served, or how long they served, there is something a bit different about a Marine. They may be a bit wilder, but they are definitely more gentlemen than most.
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Proud daughter of a career Marine, here. Part of their training is in basic etiquette and showing respect.

My parents were behind a truck, full of snotnoses, fresh out of boot camp. The baby Marines were making obscene gestures and shouting, at Mom. Since this was on base, my dad pulled around and stopped the truck. He ordered their sergeant out of the front and read him the riot act and, then ordered the bunch in the back to fall in.

When those baby Marines saw this tough old gunny confronting them, all of those boot camp memories came back.

They had to file past my mother's car window and apologize to her. I have hunch that there was a 10-mile run, with a full field pack, in their futures, too.

Those Marines learned to be polite to women - especially, a gunny's lady.
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My son is a proud Marine ! And I am the mother of that Marine,And I am so proud of him!And yes he is so well mannered!
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My dad was a Marine. They are a unique bunch!

Here is to ALL of Armed Forces though, I think they make this country proud.
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My father in law was a marine during the Vietnam war. He seems to be proud of it as well. Hubby is proud of him too.
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awwww marines are so nice
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I agree Ted was army,my youngest son was army,Ted"s dad was army,My dad and 1 brother was Navy, one brother was Marine Ted had 2 brother's army and one Navy. Think we were miltery brats?
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