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Heading to the beach

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We were thinking of heading to the beach tomorrow and we were thinking of bringing our little furbaby, who's 3 years old, male and a Maine Coon/DSH mix weighing in at...*drumroll pleaseeeee* 15 pounds! Do you think it is safe to take him to the beach? Are there any precautions I must take inorder for him to be able to go to the beach? Thank you all in advance!
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I would only take my cats with me if I were going somewhere they were comfortable and indoors. Can't speak for your cats, but mine would not enjoy being out in the open on a beach. There would probably be a lot of noise and distraction, not to mention dogs.

If your cats like to be out in the open, then you just need to make sure their harnesses are completely escape proof.
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Please! PLEASE! help me out on this one. Thank you
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in short, don't do it. lots of hazards, you can't keep your eye on him all the time, bad idea.
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If you dont mind me asking, what other hazards? And we were planning on being him all the time and taking turns going in to the water (without the cat of course, LOL).
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I know you mean well, but really, kitty will be much happier alone at home. The heat, all the noise plus all the new smells will be very stressful to him.
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Some beaches do have sand fleas that can get on your cat. I would never do it because of all the dogs that people bring with them on a beach. Your cat might do OK with dogs, but a strange dog may not do OK with your cat.
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Thank you for your replies.
The beach that we were planning on going to is a very secluded beach, only about 5 families on it. We have been there before and there were no dogs and I am pretty sure dogs are prohibited on the beach itself.

Anything else I should be worried about? Oh and are sand fleas like ordinary fleas or do they jump back off?
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Originally Posted by Katinksz View Post
Oh and are sand fleas like ordinary fleas or do they jump back off?
They are smaller and you can't see them. The only way I've gotten them off my body was to shower and wash them off. They're very scratchy.
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I'm from the Philippines and beaches are just about everywhere. Besides the risk of sand fleas, people and dogs, cats don't enjoy the sand much. I think they don't like that it gets in their fur, in their paws, their noses, even their eyes. Some don't even like the sound of the water. The sun may be too hot for them.
Unless your cat is used to traveling with you, and/or he has access to a safe haven (like his carrier) I would not take him to the beach.
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leave him at home,please.
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