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Daily Thread: Friday June 3

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I don't see Gail around, so I'll start todays DT again.

Geez, will this weather ever go away? I'm going through serious withdrawl.

So you folks in the US, do you have today off work since tomorrow is a weekend?

Have a good day folks.
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I've got the day off and it just started raining here. That is a good thing in my neighborhood, as a lot of people will be lighting off fireworks over the weekend. Rain is the best fire prevention there is (get the ground good and wet).

I woke up way too early and am thinking about taking a nap soon. I've got to clean the house and go grocery shopping for the party we are holding here tomorrow.
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Morning. Yep Mom & DH have off today for the holiday
It's beautiful out now and cool. It's supposed to rain later but at least for now we get a break from the A/C.

DH is going to bbq ribs today. Yum Nothing else planned really. Just enjoying the day at home with no expected visitors and cleaning at a slow pace.
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Yep, I have the day off! FH is still working though, but the gets tomorrow off. We'll be going to his parents this weekend, then to visit my best friend and see the fireworks with her.

Have to finish cleaning the apartment, gather laundry to bring to FH's parents house, and go grocery shopping. Just have to have the motivation to do it.
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Morning All!!!

Dull dreary and damp again, I agree with you Chris this weather leaves a lot to be desired.

Woke up with a very sore shoulder this morning and have been alternating between heat and ice for the the last hour, it is starting to ease up some now.....

Nothing much planned for today, the weather brings out the tourist and town is literally over-run with them so shopping is an exercise in frustration right now.

The kitties are good, all of them are sitting in the window watching the world go by.

Everyone have a great day
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Bad Gail........

I was so tired last night I tried to "sleep in" but made it until about 6:40 am. So I was a vegetable for several hours this morning. Got a couple of loads if laundry out on the clothesline and we went for a walk about 9 am.

But the manure tankers from the mega dairy have to pick today to run up and down our road (at least 8 tankers in about 45 minutes). These are the size of the tanker trucks that fill up at the gas stations. The drivers are very inconsiderate too. Grrrrrr.......
Many times when they start running as the 2nd crop of hay was just just they will run on the road past our house 12 hours/day for up to 1 week to 10 days.

If a mega dairy is ever proposed by anyones house-stop it from being built. This one is about 6-7 miles away and they milk I'm thinking like 4900-5900 cows.

Sorry about the rant!!

Anyhow we cleaned up went to the mall (two pairs of shorts and some ice cream making supplies) and Best Buy for a Wii charger kit and a new DVR/VCR combo (not blu ray at this time).

Stopped in at work to pick up some bread for tomorrow and once again going into a vegatative state!!

Its sunny (finally) and in the mid 70's currently.
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