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Greasy Fur After Flea Treatments?

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So I decided a few months back that my kitties would have the luxury of going outside while being supervised, harnessed, and leashed (they also are microchipped and wear their collars when we have outside time). I decided to do this because they are secluded to one room in my house the majority of the time (living back home and they cant have the run of the house). They do get daily sun porch time and about an hour or two outside time (with me there holding their leashes and watching them). I wanted to make sure my kitties were flea protected. So I bought Hartz Pro Guard Flea Treatment. According to the pet store I work at it is pretty much the same as Frontline...

Well every time I give them their treatment the fur at the top of their back neck gets SUPER greasy. I have tried using Nature's Miracle Pet Wipes to rid of the greasy stuff but it does NOT work. I had to give them baths.... One of my cats gets super violent and skiddish around water so it is a task at hand.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same effects using a flea treatment (not an oral one obviously but the liquid one you put on in the scruff area)? I am super careful when I apply the stuff but over a few hours after application the whole neck area gets funky.

Both my cats are greasy and needing baths. The one will tolerate it but what shall I do for the boy who goes insane when he gets near water (not even running water just water in the sink)?
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Please please do not use Hartz - it can be VERY harmful for your kitties.
As far as greasy, Advantage multi does the same thing, and the scent is horrible too! On the next day I just wipe it with a kitty bath wipe a few times.
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Please...Please...Please bathe your kitties NOW in a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid (the regular kind) not the antibacterial or degreaser one. Get the water as warm as they can stand it and scrub them down quickly. Not a good product to use and you need to remove as much as possible now.

In the future, use flea treatment from your vet only. Advantage, frontline that type of thing. Avoid flea shampoos or anything over the counter (including flea collars) to control fleas.
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For the cat that won't tolerate a bath, use a wet cloth and try to get as much off him as you possibly can.
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What is the deal on Hartz? I have heard nothing about it...

Also if I want to switch over to Frontline come next month it should be fine correct?

I think for the boy I am going to use a spray bottle and wash cloth with some shampoo (cat shampoo) until it is clean.

Sorry I didn't know about Hartz. If someone could give me the low down that would be great and I could pass it on to customers!

I feel horrible now
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I feel like a horrible pet owner. Thank god my cats are doing ok. Next time around it is going to be Frontline... I can get it at a discount threw our store.

I did the treatnent on the boy yesterday (hours before my post) and then the girl was done the other day. It is bath time. I will try the dawn trick but it is already in their system I am sure.

I found this site:

I feel horrible for not researching the item beforehand. I should have thought twice (considering it is sold at retailers other than pet places all over) but I was crunched for money and only saw the price
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Bathe the cats, and keep an eye on them. Make sure to call the vet if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

I used Hartz once back before I knew it was bad. It started to make Raven sick in the 3 hours I was at my part-time job (college job). A quick call to the vet, he said to bathe him with dish soap and he should be fine. And to call back if he wasn't. He was ok after that.

I usually buy my Frontline when Drs Foster & Smith has their big sale with super cheap shipping. I only use it in the warm months, which also saves money. One of the benefits of living in Wisconsin-cold winters with no bugs.
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Yep kitties are only going to be on flea treatments threw the summer and early fall. They are both fine. I gave them baths with dish soap and then their kitty shampoo. Neither of them had issues last month or this month with the stuff but just to be safe I will switch to frontline.
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