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Zane went in for a cleaning today, and I have two questions:

1. There were two teeth missing that weren't before. I certain had never found a tooth on the floor while sweeping or vaccuming. The tech said that sometimes they swallow them. ???? I've never heard that.

2. They gave me some drops to give him twice a day. Zane is very bad about liquid medicines. He's bad about pills, but worse about liquids. They never did this before.
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I have a cat Patch that I'm in the process of trying to give antibiotics to. He has a bad staph infection so he needs this. But he is part feral. I have to give him Baytril. I got the pills, picking him and putting it in his mouth is not an option. Crushing the pills, he knows its in the food so he won't eat it. I got the Vet to give me liquid. Again he won't let me near him to put the liquid in his mouth and he detects it mixed up in food. I'm at my wits end it's become a battle of wits, I tried everything. However, I called his Vet today and asked if there was another antibiotic that wasn't so strong. They need him to take the Baytril for his type of staph. She suggested to me Transdermal Baytril. I just called today about it. I have to rub it in his ear. I'll get more details tomorrow. I never knew about this. Its really my only option so, hopefully it will work. Maybe you could talk to your Vet about that. Its not just Baytril, its all kinds of other antibiotics. Good luck.
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I'll call the vet tomorrow. I tried to give Zane his first dose, and most went onto his fur. Granted, he'll probably lick it when he cleans himself, but that probably won't give him the full dose.

I'm thinking, though, that because it is following up on a dental procedure that getting it into his mouth is important.
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That could be, hopefully the Vet can do something. I know exactly what you are going through. Its not easy with these guys. Between the fruatration of not getting it into them, I get nervous of him not getting his medicine and the expense of buying all forms of the medication ( which I don't mind the price if I could just get it into him). Good luck.
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In answer to question 1 - yes, they usually swallow the teeth. We were actually lucky enough to find one of Bijou's baby teeth and one of Mika's.
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