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What are plans for fourth of july

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for those of us who celebrate it? Mom, my sister and I are going to grill steaks and watch the DVD of 1776, which is our Fourth tradition. Anyone have any big plans?
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I think Eric and I are going to take Jaiden and Comet (the pup) down to the beach for a bit during the day, but no plans to see fireworks. Jaiden is too young to enjoy them and I would rather be home with the pets to help keep them from stressing too much or getting too scared. (They don't like fireworks)
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I will be going to my sisters house for a barbecue. but before I do I have to shut all windows, put on the air conditioner and leave a couple of television sets or radios on to try to muffle the sound of the fireworks for my guys, they get so scared of the noise. Have a great 4th of July.
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Going to yard sales in the a.m., hosting a bar-b-q at my Mom's house in the evening. We usually "borrow" her house when we want to entertain because we have 6 cats and it's just too big a hassle to have 12-18 people here. We'll provide most of the food, my sisters-in-law will bring side dishes, my brothers will bring beer and do the cooking, and a good time will be had by all
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Fourth of July is just a normal day here in NZ but since it is a Saturday I'll be working

Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate
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There is a party at our house, but I have no idea how many people will be here. The neighbors are coming over with their entire family, then DH started to mention all the people he invited over. For all I know there will be 50 people here. I've heard that the neighbors brother sells fireworks, so I'm just assuming they will light them off down by the lake.

Yup - the windows will be shut, A/C on, stereo and TV on, and a lock on the doors to the main part of the house. The cats will be left alone there. Good thing my dogs are not afraid of loud noises.

My day will probably be spent nagging DH to clean the basement (the party can be there), cooking, then trying to entertain a lot of people. woohoo
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Ugghhh I have to work 6pm-12:30am so by the time I get off work it will already be july 5th so I dont think im going to do anything . I live fireworks and last year i didnt get to see any, so im a little bummed on that but hopefully I wont be too buisy at work so I wont be stressed! My family is all getting together for BBQ and fireworks. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Fourth Of July!! God Bless America!!!
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We're going to Vermont tomorrow afternoon once FH gets home. We'll be at his parents house tomorrow night and all day Saturday before heading up to my best friend's house. Going to the fireworks with her and spending the night at where she is house sitting.

Kitties are afraid of fireworks so hopefully they'll be okay. We'll just leave the windows cracked, but nothing else special. People down the road like to light them off, so hopefully it won't be too loud.
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BF and I are celebrating the 4th together for the first time this year as previously we have done separate things with our families. We are going to grill out ribs and all the sides, then go down to the Worlds Fair Park (in Knoxville) and watch fireworks. That's about it. Happy 4th of July all!
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I'll be working from noon-5pm so I don't plan on doing anything. Once I get home I'll probably cook dinner and spend the rest of the evening mowing the lawn or catching up on shows that are on my DVR. Wooo
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Me and my bf are going to Wildwood, with his family. This is something we do every July, this year our week happened to fall on July 4. I'll be getting up, taking the cats to my stepmoms. This years trip is different, since my bf's aunt died, nobody will be here to take care of the pets, so bf's grandfather is coming here, and I know Monster will get out on him when he goes to let the dog out. So, I am taking my cats to my stepmom's and she is going to watch them and stuff for me. Then, we gotta pack everything up, and spend the day driving, then getting there and unpacking. Then, we will go to the boardwalk and I'm sure that there will be fireworks. That's all I have planned.
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My parents have a house at a lake community, and we are going to be out there most of the weekend. They have a big professional fireworks show tomorrow night so we're going to watch that and light off a bunch of our own stuff also. I invited a gal from work and her family to come hang out with us b/c her husband is in the air force and they have no family close by. Besides Christmas, Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I can't wait!!
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Working all day.
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Serving beer to many celebrating folks
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Work, work, and more work. I'll be working 12-hour night shifts on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
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well we dont celebrate it here, but ill no doubt be stuck in bed or on the settee with this stupid bad back

have a great day guys
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My brother and sister are turning 21 on July 4th If we were American (and they lived closer to me) it would be one heck of a party.

Hope everyone has a great day, irregardless of what you're doing
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No plans so far, so I think My DH and I will just cook some fish or shrimp on the grill, and hang out with the cats
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We rented a pavillion near where they will hold the fireworks and our kids, some friends/family will meet up (about 20 or so right now).
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I have to go to a teachers' meeting late tomorrow afternoon, but we're having a barbecue afterwards. No fireworks on the 4th here, fortunately.
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I'm on call from 7am - 11pm, so I'll probably be working. The holiday weekend usually brings out the stupid drunks, who manage to injure themselves enough to require surgery to put them back together. Oh well, at least it will be time and a half, lol!
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I think for the most part I'm gonna do homework and work a little on packing up my apartment. Tomorrow night I'm going to a little cookout.
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I am off today because of the holiday being on Saturday. I am going to the store early tomorrow and getting a small pot roast. That and some veggies will go in the Crockpot. I will also make some garlic bread.

I will also probably sit outside and watch everyone else's fireworks! The legal and illegal ones. LOL
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Not doing anything really this year. Staying home with the furbabies and my mom, and like CatKiki, will watch the mixture of legal and illegal fireworks I can see from here.
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