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spare cat

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A spare 6 mo. old or so, in heat (peepee bleeding) cat came knocking at my door about 2 weeks ago. I fell in love even though I have two other cats (neutered boys). My husband says we should try to find her owner but a few things have me saying "Why wouldn't they have taken care of that"? She has worms, and is not fixed, and seems to be licking her fur off of her body. She is CONSTANTLY herself with tounge and a little biting witch is normal. She has no fleas, and no sores so I have ruled out mange. There are patches, particularly on her hind legs, and on her sides that look like her hair has broken off. It is not bald, just really short, almost as if she was shaved with clippers. She has short hair to begin with and I know she was not shaved because I have seen her licking those very spots over and over again. It is like she picks a spot and starts to lick until the hair breaks off. What is the deal? She is not sick, except for the worms. Please help.
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Poor little thing...

The skin irritation could be due to allergies, or she could be overgrooming because she's so stressed out.

I think you should get her to the vet and see waht he/she says. The poor thing must have been through a lot. It's so good of you to have rescued her! With good care and lots of love she can probably get over it!

Welcome to the forums and do let us know how she's doing.
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