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Oh Lizza I hope your bum feels better soon!!!!!!!!

I fell down stairs once carrying Bella when she was a puppy and slid down the last few on my bottom and it was AWFUL for weeks! Had to sit on pillows wherever I went.
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Poor baby! Definately sit on some ice! It should help. At least it isn't broken! Did you ask for to kiss it better? I would have told him to "kiss my A$$" if he said to me what he said to you. Isn't that the same as asking him to kiss it better?
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Lizza, I hope you feel better soon. I've only ever slid and hurt temporarily, can't imagine how much it hurts you.

Ady, you are so bad!
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LOL Lhezzza you have a bruise shaped like pacman on your butt? Sorry but I don't want pictures of that!
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Hissy.... Lookie.... this is day ONE - its prettier today!!!!

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OMG, you DO have Pac Man on your butt! LOL
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OOWWWWWWW!!!! You're going to be able to do an art show if you take a pic of that bruise each day as the colors change!
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Now if you tell me it whistles and toots I will definitely stay away from you! Poor baby, you have my utmost sympathy
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Man that looks painful! I know how you feel, I was putting up wallpaper border above my sink and fell down and against the sink with my stomach and abdomen and it looked like an eggplant purple for weeks! It will turn lots of colors as time goes by.
I know it hurts!! Hope you feel better soon!
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Lhezzza! OW! My screen loaded right to that photo when I Clicked on "first unread post". Girl, get yourself a donut to sit on. It will relieve pressure from sitting on that butt. See if Eckerd's or Walgreens carries them.

I am glad you didn't crack the bone. It takes forever and a day to heal.

Feel better.
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A hot pack will do you better than ice. It increases the circulation and promotes healing.

BTW: cute butt
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Dang girl! That looks like it hurts like hell! I agree with Deb, get a donut pillow. That's gotta hurt to sit!

You said that you fell on the stairs? Were they concrete?

Hope it heals soon for you!
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OMG!!! That is a bad one!
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I read somewhere that cat owners are twice as likely to get hurt by tripping over their pets as dog owners. Something about those kitties just loving to cross your path. Sigh. Hope you feel better soon.
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Ow ow ow ow ow...that looks incredibly painful!

Take some Motrin/Advil/Ibuprofen of any sort, it will not only relieve pain, it will also decrease swelling. And ice, not heat, is the way to go.

Someone's going to be sleeping on their tummy for a while...
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Owwww I missed this post . That looks really really sore. Last year I tripped over in class, I tripped over a Vacum Cleaner and my a$$ landed on a computer , I cried for hours , It turns out I had spilt my Tailbone I didn't have much brusing though all though when I touch that part it still hurts a bit, I'm so sorry I know how you feel
I hope you are feeling better now 's .. Love Sam
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