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Think I Broke My Bottom.....

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I was just walking down the stairs to get some water......

I stepped over Jack to avoid crushing him, and I slipped on the step



I broke my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sitting here crying..... (Cooper thinks her Mommy is crazy)

I gotta go..... I can't sit anymore!!!!

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Oh I'm sorry. I shouldnt be laughing.

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You cracked your tailbone I will bet. I am so sorry, it is so painful to deal with- If there is a good health food store have someone go and get you a bottle of Arnica Montana. Follow the directions on the bottle, and just try and get some rest.
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The things we do for our cats

I've almost fell flat on my face a few times trying to avoid Zoey.

Why must cats walk RIGHT in front of you!!!

This smilie is funny, its actually literally laughing its ass off
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oooh ouch! I hope you didn't crack your tailbone! That will hurt for some time. The things we go through for our cats eh?
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ow I hope you feel better soon! Get better prayer;s coming from NY!
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Ohhh..I hope your bottom gets better LOL
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And get a medical donut to sit on! You'll be using it for quite some time, if the tailbone is actually cracked, as opposed to bruised. Be prepared to take that donut everywhere. I broke my tailbone in the 8th grade and used that donut for at least 6 months!

So sorry, Lhezzza.
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Bless your heart ummmmm...bottom, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I know how that hurts! The things we do to avoid hurting our babies huh?

:icecream: here is an Ice cream cone to help you feel better. At least it always helps me to feel better.

Love my kitties
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Bummer Lizza! Hope the pain goes away soon...talk about a literal pain the A$$!
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shell!!!! as a pastor's wife I am shocked!
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I cracked my tailbone before and it hurts like a mug. Hope you feel better soon.
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Ted broke his so bad they had to remove it,he was in such pian for months!
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ohh man.....I am sorry..I chuckled too...I bet that hurt! I hope your butt feels better tomorrow!!
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Please forgive my laughing but, the mental picture IS funny. I bruised mine, once and it hurt like the dickens! That's when I quit being a stuntwoman! It takes too long to heal, these days.
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Originally posted by sherral46
shell!!!! as a pastor's wife I am shocked!
Sorry Sherral! Forgive me for I have sinned...
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Hope you feel better soon!
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Oh Lizza, that hurts just reading about it! I hope it's not actually cracked, that would be miserable for a long time. It's not like they can put a cast on it. (Although the mental image of someone with a cast butt is just too funny!!!)
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Oh Lizza!! Im sorry that happened. I will be sending you healing butt vibes right away. Here they are!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Oh... I hope it really isn't broken... although I'm sure just bruising it is painful enough. Hope the pain goes away soon.
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I had to go to urgant care...... Took xrays.

It's not broken - thank goodness.....

I'll have to take a photo of my bruse and post it

IT'S A WINNER - Its all purple and red!

I told Nick my butt was swollen.... he responded "it's always like that honey" ---->SMACK!

okay gotta go lay on my tummy now.... bye

damn Jack..... I saved your life!
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Aw, maybe Jack will come snuggle you to make you feel better. I just hope he won't see your rear as a nice kitty pillow (Ophelia likes to lay on my lower back/butt sometimes....nice and fluffy!)
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I feel for you and wish you a speedy recovery, horrible what can happen in a split second.
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Aww you're poor bottom
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That happened to me before too :bad experiance..:
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Speedy recovery to you. Would an ice pack help?
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Yeah.. I fell on a drawer nob and had a huge cut.. there.. I hope yours wasnt that bad.. It hurt like h*** ... But it gets better within a few days.. but its funny when you've healed!..
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Thank GOODNESS nothing is broken. I hope you get to feeling better hon. Make your s/o pamper you, do all the cooking, cleaning, and such.
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My bruse is cool.... it looks like Pac Man!!!!

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I just saw this. I hope you will be feeling well soon. The soft donut seems to be a good idea.
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