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Finally have a website that I think I like

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I downloaded a template that I think is really pretty, and simple for navigation. Just working the bugs out now.

I had my very first interested buyer find my via my website the other day. I am not sure how to get more views on my site, or how to properly submit it to search engines.
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that looks very nice! I don't know anything about page views or search engines though
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It's looking very nice

If you go to google, yahoo etc. they tell you how to submit your site. There's also websites that will submit it to multiple search engines for you.
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Originally Posted by Sohni View Post

I had my very first interested buyer find my via my website the other day. I am not sure how to get more views on my site, or how to properly submit it to search engines.

You can also pay to have your site listed.... I would have to dig around to find out the info.

Hope that helps...
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Some suggestions:

1. Have a separate page for Kittens (not just the available one). You want to show a few pictures of your kittens at a young age and as they grow.

2. Maybe have something in a paragraph (under available) listing what your cats "come with"; e.g. shots, spay/neuter, testing, etc.

3. Have a "Show Brag" page - with a few pictures of them at shows or what they recently have won in the rings........and eventually end of year awards (region/nationally).

4. I'd also have a few more pictures of your adults showing off their full body, head shots, etc. While I like the full body shot of your boy, I don't think its wise to have one "outside" on a harness - should be a full body shot inside the house.
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Thanks GK - I'll check out your suggestions. Appreciate the comments.
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Tweaked it a bit. I added a bigger link to my kitten web album, added different quotes to each page, a paragraph about what my kittens come with and changed the picture of Tsekani. I don't have any full body indoor shots right now. Will work on it.
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Well done. It's looking great so far. I have been working on my website for something like 7 years and haven't got it perfect nor do I have the perfect pictures, but that's OK.

I would definitely post more pics though rather then have a link to your album - let's face it people are lazy (inc me) and want things to be staring them in the face
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After you submit your website to the search engines (which should be free), there are several things that you can do to increase your rankings and your likelihood of coming up in searches.

1. Update your website regularly by adding new content and changing content so that when the search engine crawlers visit your website, they will log the changes. Put "keywords" in your text. Basically, this means to include words or phrases that you think people would use to search for a website like yours in the body text of the pages of your website. Obviously, that means saying Egyptian Mau a lot, which shouldn't be a problem for you. Don't overuse keywords, but don't forget to include them!

2. Add links to other reputable websites, especially websites with high Google PageRank. If you have a Google toolbar on your browser, it should show you the PageRank of any website you are on.

3. Get other websites to link to you, like other breeders, and link yourself on forums (put your link in your forum signature, for instance) and social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook. For instance, every time you put up some new photos, put another link on Facebook saying "I just put up new pictures on my website, check them out!" More visitors and more links mean higher PageRank for you!

Keep in mind that it is going to take TIME above all for your website to move up in the rankings. The age of a website also adds to its rankings on search engines. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. Maybe I can help. I did a lot of the search engine optimization for the websites at my last job, so I have some experience in this. At the very least, I can probably find you some articles that you can read about it!

As far as the website goes, I dunno what a breeder's website ought to have. The other breeders here can probably help you better than I can with that. The only thing that I can think of is that while the template is pretty, you ought to have your kitties instead of butterflies at the top.

Much luck.
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Woohoo, thanks! I have done some of that. I did design webpages back about 10 years ago, but I haven't kept up with the technology. I know basic HTML but not CSS. My page has been up a while, and I just checked.. I am at the bottom of the first page when I googled "Egyptian Mau breeders BC"

I like your idea of linking to other breeder sites. Will talk to my friends. I've also reinstated my Blog and will link it to the main page as well.

The butterflies aren't really related, but I like them. Will work on updating the image, but image manipulation was never my strong point
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They are very pretty, so they certainly don't take away from anything. The butterflies, I mean.

You should link to some other breeders! And if you can get those breeders to link to you, that will be great, too. Link swapping is a great way to help your page ranking. I'm glad if I could help any!!!
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Sohni, are you going to the NW Regional in Edmonton in a few weeks?? We're going to be there showing our 2 sphynx girls. I would love to meet you if you are going to show your kitties
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