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We have babies!

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2 so far, but I think there are still more.

I am petting her between contractions. Called the vet's for advice because the first one was breech and seemed to be stuck for about 10 minutes. He/She is out and and suckling away!

There goes my theory about cats having kittens at night! lol!
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there may still be one more...hard to tell at this point.
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Geez, how far apart can they come?
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Depends on how strong mama cat's pushing muscles are, how the kittens are lined up in there, stuff like that. Also I think cats are designed to take a break in between, in order to clean the one that just came out, get it breathing and wiggling, and possibly get some milk into it.

I think I read that it's a good idea to offer her some water between kittens, to help her keep her strength up, but no food because she might just throw it back up with so much already going on in there.
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we're still at 4. I am not 100% sure that she is done, but she seems to be. Two still have placentas attached, but they are suckling away so I assume Little One will take care of it once she regains some strength. 2 Tabbies, 1 black/white and 1 grey!
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That's wonderful. They sound so cute. I know you are happy to finally have them with you

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Congratulations! That breach thing is scary, isn't it?
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Yay, the babies are here!!!
Pictures please!!!!
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As soon as hubby remembers to bring the camera home, I will put in pics. Little One is an AWESOME mommy, super attentive, loving, and occassionally even lets us touch them.
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