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Bulla in cat's lung

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My cat, Shimmy, recently had an x-ray taken of her lungs and her doctor said she had a bulla in her lung. That's when there's a large air-filled sac in the lung (we normally have several small air sacs, but in Shim's case one large one has formed). The doctor gave the option of surgery, however that is very expensive and there is no guarantee that the bulla won't recur.

Has anyone heard of or seen this before?
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Wow, I have never heard of this.

Did the doctor say what would happen if you don't have the surgery? Is kitty feeling ok otherwise? I guess it just depends on what the symptoms are and whether there are any other options. I couldn't seem to find anything about this really on google.
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Annyoing right? Basically, Shimmers will be okay as long as the bulla (pocket of air) stays the way it is. If it grows it could give her problems breathing, or if it ruptures that is also bad. I've been watching for any signs of strange behavior, and she seems okay... Her appetite is good, and she is still purring. She seems to be hanging out under the bed though, which bothers me.

I couldn't find much info either, but here is a link:


This is what would happen if the bulla ruptured. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!!
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I hadn't heard of this either. I mean I've heard of a pneumonthorax but never heard of a bulla.

I looked it up and I found this:
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