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I need some warm thoughts and good vibes. heh. I'm graduating next week from college and I need to get everything done by Thursday in order to graduate. I just need to concentrate which is hard with a fourteen week old kitten in the apartment with her big gooseberry green eyes and her willingness to play. The weather's been nice off and on and agh, concentration slips away.

My parents are flying cross country to see this, and I don't want to disappoint. Oh, it'll be nice when its all over.
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Hmm, I think I hear a term paper calling your name.
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WOW! Congratulations to you!!!! How exciting!!!!!! I am sure everything will go smoothly!!!
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Sending good vibes from Nebraska!

Congrats on making it this far!
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I get to present my portfolio to the class on Thursday and to my career service advisor. And then the following Thursday I present my portfolio to anyone who desires to attend portfolio. Then Friday, graduation. Ah...to be done will be divine. heh.
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Wow that is a big hurdle you are about to jump over. Congrats!!!!!!
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