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Need Help with Soft Paws

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I have two male cats, one three year old and one five year old. For about six months now they've both been wearing soft paws without any problems (we got new furniture and didn't want either of them scratching it accidently).

Recently though my five year old (Julius) has started to bite his soft paws off of his feet. I will spend a good ten minutes applying the soft paws, and within five minutes after I'm done he'll be sitting there on the floor trying to chew them off. Just yesterday I put ten new soft paws on each of his front toes, and this morning already four of them are gone.

We're moving into a new house in about a month, and Julius doesn't try to claw things he shouldn't, but he manages to catch his claws in things. I do clip them all the time, they aren't particularly long or sharp (he's great about me clipping them).

How do I keep the soft paws on him? If I can't keep them on I don't know what other alternatives I'll have, I don't want to declaw at all but we need to make sure he can't claw things.

The other cat (Spunky) does fantastic with his and has never tried to chew them off.

If I can't use the soft paws are there any other alternatives?

Thanks in advance!!
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IT sounds like you maybe you need to try and find an activity to keep him busy right after you apply them because then is when he is most focused on getting them off. Does he like catnip? The laser pointer? Da bird? Something interactive that will take his mind off the softpaws and make him forget you even applied new ones.

I think as cat owners who don't believe in declawing we have to understand that occasionally something or someone is going to get clawed--but I'd rather that happen than my cat suffer the consequences of declawing. Trim the claws every two weeks, front and back if necessary, and have understanding.

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Thank you for your suggestions.

I'll try keeping him busy. He is very food motivated but doesn't play with toys hardly at all. Catnip though, now he's VERY fond of that! That's a fantastic idea to get him to stop chewing.

I agree that something, somewhere will get clawed. He just enjoys climbing around things and sometimes accidently claws them, and we're trying to minimize them all.

Thanks again!
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I agree with Jack31, distract your kitty for a while!! Maybe apply the soft paws before giving him dinner, or since he loves catnip, just go nuts with catnip and a few treats. Hopefully that'll take his flighty cat mind off the soft paws so they stay on.

My cousin decided to try soft paws on 2 of her 3 cats (the old one doesn't scratch or bother with the other cats), the little scratcher kitty is too skittish and she can't get them on her, and the other cat bites them off too. So I may be getting some unused soft paws in the mail for my cat if she decides to give up.

Hope you have better luck, and if not, then just keep up with the clipping, since he's good about that!
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