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my local SPCA....

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my local SPCA was just on the news....from now til September they are going to wave the 50 dollar fee for adoption, they said they have so many and they really dont want to euthanize so they are going to offer them free to good homes, and still neuter/spay them and put in the microchips.....that just made my day!

and if anyone is interested that the Luzerne County SPCA!
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Wow! Waiving that fee and still doing the neutering is awesome. That's the kind of organization that I would donate my monies to.
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The cats over 1 year old at the Wisconsin Humane Society by me are always free. And that includes everything, shots (not rabies), neuter/spay, microchip, free bag of food, and free initial vet visit to your vet. It's been like that for a few years now. There's a lot of controversy about the fees of their dogs however- the designer dogs are sometimes $450, when the average price is $125-150. That shows you how many cats there are though.
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Here, too, in SE Michigan - lots of cat deals - Michigan Humane, Humane Society of Huron Valley (Ann Arbor) and Humane Society of Livingston County all offering cat specials... Oh, and my local county "pound" which is Oakland County Animal Adoption Center. Waived fees, two-fers, etc.
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Our APL in Cleveland is currently offering cats at under $20 in an effort to get adoptions going. I wish I had room for one more baby
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yes the cats have to be over 1 yr old, and it includes shot, nueters , microchips...everything. This is the 1st time our local SPCA has done something like this, so its wonderful to see they are actually trying to do something so they dont have to euthanize. If i had the money i would donate so much, and i wouldnt mind picking up a cat, but i already promised someone i would take their cat when they go to college if she cant find an apt that will accept him.
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