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Very stunted sick kitten... Help!

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Hello, I have a 3 1/2 month old kitten who was born to one of my cats. Since around 4 weeks she started to lag behind in development compared to her littermates. Her stomach began to make very loud noises and become distended, but eventually shrink back. All the kittens went to the vet at around 6 weeks and got their shots and dewormings and the vet didn't seem to be concerned at her size. Now at 3 1/2 months she is almost twice as small as the other kittens, is very bony, and has a huge appetite. It seems she always wants food. At night her stomach is very loud. I also noticed a tiny bit of blood in her stool a few times.

Does anyone have any idea whats wrong with her?
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I think she needs to go back to the vet. It almost sounds like tapeworm or some such parasite to me.

Hope she gets some help!
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Thank You for your response...

I just woke up this morning and she seems to have taken a turn for the worse.
This morning she is just sitting up to the water bowl and didn't come for food.
There is also what looks like dried vomit on her chin. She has never been this sick. We will make an appointment
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PLEASE don't wait to make an appointment. Get her to an e-vet ASAP.
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This morning I made the decision to put her to sleep.
After my last post she got slightly better, but by the next morning she was very weak....My mom would have taken her to be euthanized had it not been the July 4th weekend; the nearest vets weren't open. Monday my mom took her to the local vet, but he could not make a diagnosis without testing but he gave us an antibiotic that was to be given to her every 12 hrs. After her first dose she declined rapidly. She soon became unable to walk and could only stand for a few moments before falling back down. When I put water near her and she would stand and open her mouth and stick her tongue out but then fall without drinking. I was thinking of syringe feeding her but I didn't know if it would be of any help; she was pretty much just a skeleton. Her bones felt so sharp against my hands and she hadn't eaten for two days. I was up most of the night going back and forth to her and to the internet to try to find an any answer of what could be wrong. At ~1:30am she kept trying to drag herself under the dresser but just couldn't. I noticed she couldn't shut her eyes and was just like a breathing skeleton. I ran down stairs and woke my mom up and begged her to take her somewhere. We searched for a nearby 24hr vet but the nearest one was too far. My mom went back to sleep because she had work the next day and she had already taken a half day to take Lily. I watched over her for another hour before I woke my mom again. She just told me to keep her comfortable till we coul take her back tomorrow... I tried to get some sleep, but I was checking on her every time I heard her stomach making noises. My stomach was in knots the whole time I was in bed... I was just hoping she would die during the night. I woke up to my mom and brother in my room. I asked if she died, but she hadn't. I was devastated; I did not want to go through this another day. Lily was just lying there with her eyes wide open but breathing. My brother managed to feed her some water through the syringe. My mom asked if I could take her to the vet to be put to sleep at 9:00 when the vet opens, but I did not want to do that alone and asked if we could go at 1:00 when she gets home. My mom went to work and I passed the time petting her and still trying to find an answer on the internet. At about 9:30 I hear Lily give two meows(her first meows in days) and then just sit there frozen with her eyes open but she was still breathing. I panicked and called my mom and she told me to take her to the vet now. I was sick to my stomach since I had never been in a situation like this before. I got dressed as quickly as possible and put her in a shoe box with a towel. By now I think she was almost completely paralyzed. Her eyes were wide open and they wouldn't shut. I left the house and walked to the vet about three blocks away crying the whole time. She was still breathing when I arrived. I explained to them the situation and how my mom was there just the day before. I could barely speak. I sat back down petting Lily for the last time and within three minutes the vet came back and asked if I wanted to be present. I just said I couldn't because I don't think I could bear seeing her death. I hope she was OK, I don't even know if she was conscious. I think I should have gone in with her, but I was in a daze and said no on a gut reaction. She also asked if I wanted her body returned and I only said yes. She left with Lily and returned shortly after with her body. There was a huge sense of relief for me then. After 2 1/2 months of slowly deteriorating she was finally in peace. I paid and left both relieved and saddened. On the way home I thought about what she would have been like as a normal healthy kitten. I checked her once more just to make sure she wasn't still breathing. She was still in the exact same position as when I took her. When I got home I placed her in the basement fridge until my mom got home so we could bury her. I called her and told her how it went even though I could barely speak. I tried to pass time on the computer, but i started to get that feeling like when you lose something important like a wallet and you search everywhere but just can't find it. I spent the rest of the day feeling like this knowing I could never "find" Lily again. My mom came home from work and we all had lunch. We watched the second half of Michael Jackson's funeral. (too much death for one day) We brought out Lily to bury her and we showed her to Lily's mom. I dug a hole and made her a tombstone and wrapped her in a small towel and buried her. Since then I've been mostly fine, I've just been disturbed wondering if she was suffering, if we should have taken her sooner, but her eyes not shutting was the worst part. I feel like I will be haunted by her eyes for the rest of my life........
I don't know if any of this makes sense, but I feel a whole lot better writing (typing) my thoughts out... I just wish I knew why she died...
Anyway, goodnight.
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I am so sorry for you loss of Lily. Most of here can empathize with what you are going through. There is no consolation for the pain.

Lily may have had some type of birth defect, maybe a liver shunt. Very difficult and expensive to diagnose.

Just remember you did your best for Lily and she knows it. She is over the bridge now with many beloved TCS kitties to play with her.
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I'm so, so sorry for what you had to go through. It's very hard, but Lily is in a happier place now. It sounds as though she had serious problems. Sometimes there is just nothing we can do to fix these things. RIP Lily.
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