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Soooooo many!!!

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So I TNR'd a mama cat about 6 weeks ago and rehomed her four 8-week old kittens who are socializing nicely. I found out last week there are more ferals in the area so I drove by and saw 5-6. Two nights later I saw a different one and tonight I drove by and found 1 mama with a kitten and another mom with at least 3 kittens. omg this is going to be a huge undertaking.

I am getting vouchers for the neuters and have received donations of food, both wet and dry. I found out tonight someone else is feeding so I left notes asking them to call me - I hope they do!

Today I got a call from a friend who found a stray by her work and wants to borrow a trap. Yesterday someone called me about a feral on a roof. And tomorrow night I am meeting someone in a city I don't even know to trap a mama and 2 kittens on a freeway offramp.

Does it ever stop?? Is it that hard to get your cat fixed and not abandon it?? I know, I'm preaching to the choir. People suck.
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OMG, I so know what you're saying, with there being sooo many! I live in a house that's on an alley, and my god are there the alley cats! The whole town is connected by alley's (old school town lol) and I just think about how many there must be. If there are so many in my alley, imagine every other alley! It's scary to think about. Bless you, I wouldn't be able to do what you do.

And yes, people do SUCK big time!
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Originally Posted by techiegirl View Post
Does it ever stop?? Is it that hard to get your cat fixed and not abandon it?? I know, I'm preaching to the choir.
Hang in there - you are doing a wonderful job!!
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I hope trapping at the freeway off ramp went OK - it doesn't sound safe for any of you or the kitties!

You're doing such a wonderful thing!

And no, it doesn't stop. And people do suck.

...but then there are the people like you, who bring joy and hope to kitties and smiles to those of us who have been there and who do care!

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People DO suck. The human race has had a hand in the overpopulation of ferals and strays, but people like you and the rest of the feral groupies are trying to do something about it. Bless you for doing so much to help. If everyone gave just a fraction of the time that you do then there wouldn't be such a huge problem! I hope the feeder calls you back too. It would be good to have someone else to work with and pass along their knowledge of the area kitties.
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