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Why can't they just fix it???? (VERY long work vent)

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It's 2:13am and I still can't sleep for the second night in a row. I warn you, I'm on my third beer and (hopefully) they will make me sleep or knock me out soon (if this gets a little weird, that is the reason...just read and laugh at me). I just really need to vent.

Ok, I work in a call center. The two things I need are: A) a working phone, and B) a working computer so I can pull up the accounts. Sounds simple, right? Apparently not.

I was moved from my old computer last week that I had set up just the way I wanted it to a new computer. That happens. Ok, I dealt with it. Set up the new computer and found all the programs I needed (10 in all). The first day was fine, no problems. The second day, I started getting static on the line in the middle of calls. Normally it's a problem with the headset (mine is 2 years old) so I requested a new one. Tried a new one...then found out from my supervisor that it really isn't the headset, it's the phone itself. get me a new phone.

They tried phone does the same thing. Static in the middle of conversations when I'm trying to help these people who are calling and do my job. "Sir, I'm so sorry for the static, I'm having problems with my phone " professional is that? ( gets worse...)

This week it has gotten to the point where my phone is actually dropping calls, as in someone is on hold waiting for "the next available representative" and once it's connected, the caller is disconnected because he/she is unlucky enough to be patched through to me. OR, even better, in the middle of a call and explaining something, I ask the customer a question and there's dead silence...for 2 minutes...I don't know if they can hear me, but I definitely can't hear them so I have to disconnect.

Today was the worst. I got a supervisor call (lucky me, I take sup calls on this possessed system) from a woman who was upset when she first called to talk to a rep. The rep she talked to was a new hire and new on the phones so when she went to put her on hold she accidently hit the disconnect button instead of the hold button. We have all done big deal. But by the time I got her, she was IRATE! The previous rep did put in her notes that it was her mistake and I apologized for her...then I had to apologize every 2 minutes for the static. I got her calmed down enough that we were getting somewhere.....when my phone went out and again, after 2 minutes I'm required to disconnect the call. Yeah, I bet she was REALLY happy.

The thing that really makes me mad is the fact that this phone/computer/line/WHATEVER the problem is has had a work order in for 4 months!!! The last rep that had that computer had the same problems and they moved her after 2 weeks. After 4 months, why couldn't they fix the lines (oh, if I forgot to mention....according to tech dept, it's the phone line into the phone, not the phone itself...found that out today...AND the notes on the work order for every day since then from Tech are "still static on the line.....)

Oh, and I can tell when tech dept has been messing around with my computer because programs either disappear or are inaccesible. Yesterday, they got my email up after a week (something I need) but today, I have no account. 3 programs that are needed for my job are just gone. No one can find them. Apparently they have to be reinstalled which may take another 2 weeks.

Oh, but one thing tech DID do is "fix" my computer chair. Anyone who has ever had to sit on their butt for 8 hours a day knows that you don't want anyone messing with your chair. Mine was just the right height, and it tilted if you sat on the edge which stretched my back out, which I need since I have back problems. The wonderful Tech guys decided to lower my chair and fix the tilting. Raising it wasn't a problem and luckily my supervisor knew the magic button to start the tilt thing again.

The thing can I do my job if I'm constantly apologizing for not being able to hear someone every few minutes. They keep saying "we are the voices of ***". I've complained to everyone I can think of this week because it's rediculous. I really don't like my job as in the people we are dealing with but I pride myself on customer service and I will do everything in my power to help them....but I CAN'T if I can't actually talk to them. I'm about ready to try to find a waitressing job somewhere. At least there I would have at least some control.

As I warned you, it was a VERY long post....and I hope you could make sense out of it. Yeah, the 4th beer is going down good (good think I don't have to be there until 12:30pm!) If you read this far, thank you.
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Wow. That sounds like a bunch of crap!!! I would like to say that I wouldn't put up with it, but I will be honest... I would. I would imagine all kinds of ways I would tell off my supervisors and the technicians for not actually giving me working equipment, but when you are faced with the actual situation, it's pretty hard to stand up for yourself. I totally agree that you can't do your job like that! Many that you get something worked out quickly, and that you can stand up to them for some functioning equipment! Good luck!
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See, that's the way I am too. I fuss and fume at home, have a GREAT speech ready....but by the time I get to work I just can't do it. Realistic, it's a bad reflection on the company (which at this point, I don't care) but personnally, I feel it's a bad refection on me, even though I have no control over the situation.

DH, who is experienced in computers and wiring, says that the problem may be two wires are too close together where they are coming out of the wall. Should I mention that to my sup/tech support? I mean tech support is mainly for computers. They don't do wiring. DH thinks maybe the wires are causing intermittmet shorts which could result in static and disconnections. I't just a major pain and stress factor I don't need right now.
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Ugg, how awful! I had that problem once when I was working in a call center, luckily it was in the training room. I answer my phone and couldnt hear anything except the person on the other side of the room trying to make themselves heard. I think you should request another desk, tell them that you just cant work when you keep losing your calls and cant hear the people. If you can do it without being angry maybe they'll listen to you instead of just getting defensive about it.
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sound seriously annoying! i know what you're going thru - i used to work as an airline sales rep [that's the person who answers the phone when you call to make a reservation, btw] & also at several travel agencies. the phone is a lifeline, & the computer is the 2nd most important thing! not to mention a comfy chair - i don't blame you for being irritated about this!
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I can totally relate! My phone line is OK but on occasion, one of my programs will go down on me. I also take sup calls and was talking to this angry person because her claim to get her student loan discharged due to disability was denied. I explained that the retrieval system where we can look at documents was down. She basically called me a liar and if she called back "someone else" would pull it up and give her the info. She then wanted MY sup and when I transferred the call to the sup on call, the first word out of her mouth was that the retrieval system was down. So she wasn't able to get the caller the info anyway!

I have had phone problems in the past though. And don't you just love it when the caller is on their cell phone and there is so much static, you cannot hear them? Then they call back complaining that the rep hung up on them.

Oh what we call center workers put up with on a daily basis!
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That sounds really frustrating!!

I wanted throw in that what your DH said is very possible. I lived in the city a few years back and had the same problem with my phone line. It was the wiring inside the house that was the issue. They had to come and run some more wires and it solved the problem.

I hope you got some sleep.
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Ugh, I worked at a call center for a few years. Not something I want to do again if I can help it.
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
I have had phone problems in the past though. And don't you just love it when the caller is on their cell phone and there is so much static, you cannot hear them? Then they call back complaining that the rep hung up on them.

Oh what we call center workers put up with on a daily basis!
I HATE when people call on their cell phones! Usually they are in their car going to or from work and trying to hear them is impossible. We also have a lot of people in the navy calling from their ship or from overseas. I don't know what it is with the connection, but you end up hearing yourself talk about 2 seconds later. I know this isn't the callers fault but it's VERY distracting.

Good news though..I must have made enough of a fuss wendesday at work because I went in Thurs and the project manager said everything was fixed! Now, I've heard this before so I just looked at her like "yeah, right"....but everything worked fine!! Woohoo!! Well, almost. I still can't transfer if a sup call wants to speak to MY sup but I couldn't do that on my other phone either, so I can live with that. If the call gets that bad I just have a sup come to my desk and I get a few extra minutes off the phone.
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