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I have been feeding the stray cat around my house for about a week now. She is definately a she...calico. She is still skidish and runs easily but today...I shook the food bowl. And she came over to me and did a kinda meowf with a lot of air. Sniffed my fingers and started to eat. She then smelled my feet as I was standing there and rubbed against my ankles

I reached down and scratched her head and shoulders and she started twisting around both feet and nibbling here and there on the food I had set down! I then noticed that her back end and tail are shaved...with a puff ball on the end. She runs kinda funny with her back legs curved out and really low to the ground. Hubby noticed it a few days ago.

So we are thinking that she is someones pet that has either been shaved/had surgery very recently and has gotten out. I looked in the local papers but no lost and found has been posted. I'll call the shelters in town tomorrow. If no one claims her Im adding her to my household

She is now outside my house under my car sitting there watching the door. She ran up to the front step and looked at my tortie sitting in the window then scooted under the car and stayed there. She hasnt let me touch her again ... but its a start!

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Isn't that wonderful?! Hey, if she is someone's pet and they don't end up claiming her, their loss and your gain! Her tail is shaved? That's weird. I'm sure she'll let you touch her again, nothing bad happened when you did before, so she really wouldn't have any reason to not let you do it again.
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It's a great start - good for you! Make sure the vet scans her for a microchip. If it turns out she did have surgery, you could call around to local vets and they might be able to ID her.

Good luck!
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Called the animal shelter here and no one has reported a lost cat. Now to see if she comes tonight

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around here folks use Craigslist, the "Pets" section, to list their lost pets. You might look/post there. And second on the micro chip. A vet should scan her for free.
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Thread Starter posting on Craigslist either.

She came back tonight...It was raining so hard that I didnt think she would. I just happened to go out to look and she came running out from under my car to the front steps looking for me meowing.

She ran off after eating a few bites but came back and I put the food on the steps up by my door with it open and me standing there. She came right up and started eating, meowing at me and wanting to be petted. She kept looking onto the front porch and looking around. I kept saying to her "Isnt this a nice house? Would you like to live here?" She just meowed at me and went back to eating.

Im so excited

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