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RIP Haji Monster....

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When my BF and I were first dating, I basically lived with he and his roommate. I was there almost everynight. His roommate had a grouchy old man of a cat named Haji. At first he would hiss at me when I tried to pet him and even attack my legs as I walked past him. I will never forget the day he crawled up on the couch with me and let me pet him for a solid hour. As I spent more and more time with Haji, I grew to love him as if he were my own. He was only a lap cat on his very specific terms, but he really was a sweetheart.

When I first got Harvey as a tiny kitten, he stayed at my boyfriend's for about a month. Haji generally hates other cats, but he would let baby Harvey snuggle up to him and was oh so tolerant of his kitten ways. It was the most adorable thing. They became known as "Harvey Munchkin" and "Haji Monster" from then on, . I've got pictures somewhere I'll try to find....

Well, my boyfriend moved in with me in February, so I only saw Haji when we would go see his (ex)roommate. But one day in late April he came into the clinic where I work.... He wasn't doing well at all. Not eating, throwing up, losing muscle mass. He was aggressive with everybody at work...except me. We did xrays and found a large mass on his heart. It broke my heart seeing his daddy crying. He's a real tough looking guy, covered in tattoos. But he broke down like a child when we told him Haji only had a couple of months.

Well, he gave me a call today and told me it was time. He came in this afternoon and we had to put Haji down. Now I've had to assist with hundreds of euthanasias....this was by far the hardest one. It broke my heart. I know it was Haji's time...but having to be there when it's a cat you've had sleep with you at night and nap on your lap hundreds of times.... It's an entirely different level. Tears were streaming down my cheeks the whole time.

Rest in peace sweet Haji Monster

See you at the bridge....
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RIP Haji. I'm glad you could be there for him and your friend.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Haji.
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Oh goodness that's so sad What a lovely story though of how you both bonded in the end

Have fun at the bridge Haji Lets help you cross the bridge

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SO sorry for your loss. When faced with it is a heart wrenching decision to do whats best and even more challenging to be strong and comforting for them at the time........
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I'm so sorry for your loss Rest in peace, Haji.
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Oh that must have been hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rest in peace, Haji Monster. Shadow's there to play with, and he's new too.

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I`m so sorry He sounded like a very special cat I`d love to see the photos if you find them of him and Harvey. What a very sad day for all concerned

Rest In Peace Haji
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I am so sorry for your loss R.I.P Haji
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I am so sorry for your loss - please send our condolences to his daddy... RIP Haji Monster
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RIP Haji. A very special cat indeed
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RIP Haji. He was a lucky cat to be sent to the bridge with the person he loved, by another person he loved. He is happier now.
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