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Karl Malden passed away

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He was an amazing 97 years old!

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Awww. I remember him. I liked him.

RIP Karl.
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I just read the NYT article on him... he and his wife were married 70 years... he had an incredible career on stage, the silver screen and then on TV as well... what I got from the article (his quotes) was that he never tried to be the STAR... he just wanted to do what he loved, which was acting... never tried to do be the #1 in a movie or show, but to be the #2 guy was perfectly fine with him...

Hats off to you Mr. Malden... you followed your dreams and achieved them in a wonderful long career...


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Awwww RIP Karl Malden Wow married 70 years, how amazing is that
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I used to watch The Streets of San Francisco. Good show. He was a great actor.
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I didnt realize he was 97. Yes, that is amazing to be married 70 years
Rest In Peace
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A few day's late, and so sorry about that Mr. Malden.
For those of us, *ahem* more seasoned (read old. lol) members here we remember him well. 97 at passing.
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Whoops, I did not see this thread and started a new one, Mods help?
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I've merged them
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He was such a good actor. He had such a relaxed comfortable air about him. I loved the Streets of San Francisco he was good in Pollyanna too. RIP
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