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Therapy cats?

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Hey I was just wondering if anyone here does animal-assisted therapy with their cats?
I've been thinking about training two of my one-year-old cats (littermates) Spot and Harlequin to be therapy cats. I think they would be good for the job. I took them to a cat show a few months ago that was inside a huge all-species pet show and they did really well. They weren't nervous or scared at all, didn't mind the people petting or holding them and did not even mind the large crowds or weird noises (birds squawking, dogs barking, etc...)
So I was wondering if anyone else has therapy cats?
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There is one that comes to the retirement home where my brother is convalescing from his lung transplant. Her name is fluffy and she comes every second Monday apparently.
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My cat would not be a good therapy cat, too bitey, she gets overstimulated fast. But I think it is wonderful you are thinking about this! GO for it!
A purr is a powerful thing, as are head bumps and the standard flop and show the belly!
Animals of all kind work wonders with autistic children, dementia patients, a myriad of things!
for you!!! (and the cats, lol)
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Yes, cats can be used in therapy. I was reading a cat stories book, and there was a cat named Laser who helped the elderly. I have my own stay-at home therapy cat for my brother (if you want to know more it's in the Behavior section).
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Sometimes I wish I did. I do Therapy with my dogs and once in a while a resident in the nursing home I visit will say they'd prefer a visit from a cat. My Brady would make a terrible Therapy cat though! He'll put up with about 15 seconds of petting! The Delta Society will certify cats for Therapy (as opposed to Therapy Dogs International).
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I did animal-assisted therapy with my dog Ginger (Golden Retriever) for about 8 years. She passed away in October though, she was 12...she did therapy work until last summer. She was born for it, she was just the perfect therapy dog. We belonged to two therapy organizations, one was for patients in hospitals and rehab centers and the dogs help them with their physical rehabilitation, and the other was a reading literacy program for children. Unfortunately neither of those groups allows cats...

I have a German Shepherd now and I was planning to train her to be a therapy dog too, the person I adopted her from said she would be a good therapy dog but it turns out she is reactive around other dogs (barks/lunges) so I don't know if I'll be able to do therapy work with her.
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I'm considering whether one of my cats would be a good therapy cat. You might check out Delta Society's website:

Their website lists specific requirements for both skills and aptitude (note that not all apply to cats):
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