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Your not putting that in my eye!!!

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Oh dear Galileo and his conjunctivitis!

So he has some drops three times a day. He's a lovely little happy kitten but oh dear when the eye cream comes out...

I pick him up sit him onto the bed and keep hold of him but then he closes both his tiny ickle eyes and sticks his paws over his face. It's too cute LOL...

But if I let go of him he runs off and hides away from me, "I'm not coming out while that tubes in your hand".

I manage but oh he don't like that eye cream!!
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We bribe our cat with cheese. We get her up in our lap, then give her a little nibble, hook her under the arm, drop the drops in, then give her more cheese. Never fails to work for us! Of course, you could use whatever treat your kitty likes.
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Fun, fun, fun! All mine are from the streets, and apparantly Feline Herpes Virus is bad aroud here. Before I started putting the Lysine in the drinking water I got a lot of experience with ointment in eyes.

The best way I found was to wash my hands well, then put a dab of ointment on a finger of my right hand. No tube to give away my evil intentions. I'd start scratching the victims ears and head with my left, then grab the scruff and raise it's head. A quick swipe with my right hand and the ointment was in his eye, then immediately back to scratching the ears before they really had time to know what happened.

It's probably been three months since there has been an outbreak here, Lysine is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Even greater, I never had a loaf of whole bread try to remove my fingers.
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Aren't cats fun? When we had to put drops in Swanie's eyes, it took two of us to do it. DH and I sat next to each other on the couch, with Swanie between us. One of us would hold him and one of us would put the drops in. After the first day or two, he stopped hissing at us, but it was still a struggle.
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