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dehydrated kitten

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I need some extra help.
We have a kitten from my local animal shelter who is dehydrated. We took him to the vet and she is suspicious that it might be panleukopenia. She gave us B Vitamin fluids to inject into him. He isn't eating either, so she suggested to force feed him wet food with a syringe.
My friend works at a vets office and suggested also feeding him Nutrical and to try and get him to drink Pedialyte for kids.
Does anyone else have any other suggestions that we can do to help him?
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It's strange why the vet did not suggest keeping the kitten overnight on an iv.
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Lots of TLC!
Did the vet give subQ fluids whlie you were there? Did they do bloodwork? . How old is he? You can warm the food and touch some to his gums to start him licking. If he is not drinking, be sure to syringe some water. He probably needs a high caloric wet food like MaxCal or A/D. KMR might be good also.

There is only so much you can do at home and perhaps he should have more aggressive therapy such as IV fluids. You might want to get a second opinion.

Hope he starts eating and gets better soon!
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Sometimes a warm chicken broth will get their attention, (just boil some chicken and make your own that way you know there are no onions or dangerous additives in it). He definately needs electrolytes, if you can't find a veterinary formula unflavored pedialyte will help.

The only other thing I can think of is that if you have other cats to be extremely careful to keep this one away from them, I would go so far as to change clothes in between contact with the kitten and other cats. Panluek is ugly, and even with a good vet usually fatal.

Lots of vibes for you and kitty.
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Unfortunately, Bolt died last night. We kept up with the fluid shots, and were feeding him, and yesterday afternoon he seemed okay. He was up and walking around, and actually doing "cat stuff" like sharpening his nails and playing a little. But as the night drag on he got worse and worse. We gave him his second fluid shot, and tried feeding him a mix of pedialyte and wet food, and he started to vomit. He just kept vomiting all night too, until he passed away around 4:45 this morning.
He wasn't technically our cat yet, so we couldn't take him to another vet. And we don't really have the money either. And the animal shelter was a little peeved at us that we took the cats in without talking to them first (but after half a dozen phone calls and no reply back, we took matters into our own hands.) They just opted for the cheapest treatment possible, seeing as how they are a non-profit organization. Unfortunately, this took his life too.
Now we have another kitten with a weird cough and some upper respiratory problems. She's better off than the other cat was. She's eating and drinking some, and follows me every where I go and plays for a few minutes. She's a different problem, I just hope the antibiotics help her.
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I'm sorry, sometimes all we can do is give them love, and I'm glad he had you to love him and stay up with him last night. I know it hurts, even if you didn't have him long. It's so hard to watch something so little struggle and lose.
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