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FIONA-the unphotogenic one.

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Poor thing. None of her photos come out good. I also use a crappy camera phone so that doesn't help. Her eyes are usually weepy too. But she is really quite beautiful in person. I swear.

Isn't it so cute how she has her head laying on the tree. So sweet!

Attachment 13781

Attachment 13782
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I think she's just beautiful. I love that picture of...I believe it's Rocko guarding her. Such a pretty girl.
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Awwww!!! She is soo cute!!
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Fiona is a very lovely girl -- we can see past the limitations of the camera.
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Awwww. I can tell that she is pretty! She looks very sweet on top of her cat tree!
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Awww... look at her little white chinny-chin-chin! How kissable is that?!
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Actually it was ReeRee guarding her. He's her main man. There is no love lost between Rocko and Fiona.

It is one of the few times she is not spazzy. I thought she looked so sweet. I am glad it comes through the photo.
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She is so cute and her coat looks so gorgeous. maybe she could come and show my show cat Fluffy how to keep her coat nice?
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