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Shaving my cat

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So about a month ago I had written a post about how I couldn't take the crazy shedding from my cat Snow. Her thin wispy white fur was flying around the house and getting everywhere and I literally had to clean/vacumn every other day to keep fur from not being everywhere. Last week I couldn't take it anymore and decided to shave her. I've never shaved anything before, but I went to Kroger and bought a shave kit (for human hair) and attempted to shave her.
My first attempt went fairly well considering I didn't know what I was doing and Snow didn't know what was going on. But she's a really good chill cat and I feel like she always trusts that I'm not going to do anything to really hurt her, so after the first couple minutes she got used to the razor noise and then just layed on her back/side as I shaved her. At first I was using the attachments since she's longhaired, but then I just took them off and used the razor by itself since i saw Snow has relaxed and so had I. I shaved only her body/neck area (not touching her legs/head/tail). The hair I left was about 1-2cm long. I then just gave her a quick bath to wash away lose hair. Since the shave I feel like I am able to live again without having her hair everywhere. She barely visibily sheds and it's been two weeks that I haven't had to vacumn my sofas (which is where she used to shed the most). It is amazing!! Shaving her is easier on me, workwise, sanitywise, health/sanitary/cleanliness reasons and I feel it's also better for Snow because now she doesn't swallow as much of her own hair when she grooms herself. She likes that I don't brush her as much or bathe her as much (something I did before to cut down on shedding).
I would not mind shaving her about every two months or so. I wanted to see if this was ok - healthwise for her- to do, especially when I gets colder out. But she is an indoor only cat, so I don't think it would be a problem. I see A LOT of pros for doing this - but wanted to know if there were any cons also?
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My Dad keeps his long hair cat saved, they take her in about once every six weeks for a bath and a shave, why.....because of all of the cat hair. They don't want to deal with it. I totaly understand, good for you...enjoy the low growth of hair
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Well, I'm compelled to say that...your cat will still shed when shaved down. She'll shed shorter hairs, but she will still shed.

Shaving can cause damage to your cats coat and irritation to the skin. The best way to get rid of all those fly away hairs when your cat is moulting is regular combing/brushing. If you are insistent that shaving is the way to go at least insure that your clipper blades are cool at all times. Use a blade that is consistent with the sensitivity of the cats skin, and always shave with the direction of the hair grow, not against it. A cats skin is very very thin and sensitive and a clipper blade can burn the skin and the coat. Keep checking the blade temperature on your wrist. Constant shaving can also result in permanent coat damage and the coat may never full regrow.
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If you continue to shave your cat regularly, you may want to invest in a good pair of clippers. The ones you buy for humans in the stores won't usually last long when yoiu're talking about using them on a fur coat.
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