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update on Sebastian

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He's starting to come out of his shell, He's still not happy with the younger cats and the puppy. Our home is a little bit noisy so I'm sure he's a little overwhelmed.

He does come out and chirp at us in the mornings, wanting skritches and loves. I'm watching the two younger cats really closely so that they don't get too pushy with Sebastian.

I'll get pics this afternoon, he still wants to hide in his crate a lot and we are just letting him be for the most part, not forcing him to come out. I can't wait to see if I can get some good pics, he's much prettier than his craig's list pics were.
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It will take a while for his real personality to shine through and for him to find his place in your home. But it sounds like so far so good. It brings alot of joy to see them open up and start to enjoy everyone in the household and make it his home. It took all my cats a good year to really show their true colors.

Can't wait for pics!!

My beloved kitty growing up was named Sydney Sebastian!! Good choice of name.
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