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Happy Canada Day folks !!!!

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anyone have any plans?
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Happy Canada day from your Brasilian-American friend!!!
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Happy Canada Day!

No plans today. BF is at work...for now anyway. He said he might come home early, but even so, our options are limited with everything closed and the weather bad. Plus, I have the sniffles and am not feeling overly energetic.

For Canadians in Ontario, Mandarin is giving away free buffets to Canadian citizens today from 12:00 to 8:30. You just need to bring a birth certificate, passport, etc. as proof. BF wants to go if he gets home on time, but I'm expecting a line up and therefore am not too anxious!
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Happy Canada Day to my friends to the North!
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Morning All!!!

Happy Canada Day everyone.

There are tons of activities planned for my area today if the weather cooperates.
Not sure it will it looks like rain and is kind of cool right now.

May head down to the waterfront after lunch for a bit. They have tons of family activities going on, a craft show, some vendors, a petting zoo(my favorite) and a bunch of other stuff.

There is suppose to be a huge fireworks display tonight so I am hoping the rain doesn't ruin it. We'll have to wait and see.
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Happy Canada Day!!!

So far my only plans are going to work for a couple hours for a meeting and then later tonight just getting together with some friends and going to watch the fireworks.
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I think the weather is going to interfere with our plans

Originally: our car club is doing a show where the fireworks are being held, so Mark and Kayleigh were going to go to that at 5ish, they have kids activities and some music, then fireworks at 10. I wasn't going for that, 5-6hrs is a long time for me to sit/stand/be outside in damp weather. So I was going to stay home for some me time.

So right now, I don't all depends on what the weather does.
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Hubby's band is playing in a park in Burlington so I guess DD and I will be there with him.
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Happy Canada Day to our friends up north!!
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Its a great Canada Day here in Edmonton, sunny and 20C.
We went for a free pancake breakfast at the legislature grounds, and are later going to the zoo for free cake and animal encounters! My good friend is smoking a bison roast, so we are going there for dinner, and later watching the fireworks! So glad I didnt decide to work today and take Friday off!
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I am happy to say that the sky's are clearing here so it looks like the Canada celebration will be on after all.
Am really looking forward to the fireworks tonight mainly because I can pull up a lawnchair and have a perfect view of them from my deck.......
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Happy Canada Day!

We just got back from camping and helped some friends move this morning, then we're off to my parents' pace for dinner and a bit of a party.

Hope everyone's having fun.
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Hope everyone's having a great day and enjoying wonderful weather!

HAPPY CANADA DAY - um, I was going to say Maple Leaves.... then Canucks.... but better just to stay away from any team related names!

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Happy Canada Day to all Members of here from that Marvellous Country!
I hope got a lovely and nicely time!
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Happy Canada Day!!!!
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Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Lovely sunny 20-ish degrees here, not doing much of anything - just chillin'. I expect there will be fireworks at Canada Place tonight, but we hate the crowds, so will likely give it a miss.
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