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The Daily Thread Hump Day July 1st!!

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Hello All,

Its another overcast day without rain however. We are a bit dry and could use some. I'm watering one of my flower beds currently and will continue to do so later today.

Its currently 54F (12C) warming up to only the mid 60's! We will be cooler than normal for the next week as well.

So in about an hour I'll finish loading the truck and head on to my large commercial client for some weeding and measuring as they have decided finally I can spread some mulch. However they need about 24 yards which has to be spread only by me!! I'll have to do it in phases-probably three separate times (on a Saturday). Lucky for me only one area will be more time consuming.

Then stop at another client and come home and work up my invoices for June.

I have designated today as Benders birthday using info that the vet gave me. He is being a stinker today so far picking on all the other cats.

A walk/bike ride later to contemplate what to prepare for dinner tonite.

Nothing to exciting!!

Have a good one....................
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I'll be working until about 1:30, then off to the gym, then home for a class (online) at 5. I just turned in a big assignment in one class and the other is giving out a (take home) test tomorrow, so I'm in between assignments for tonight. I think I'll practice my guitar a bit and then read a book for the rest of the night.
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It is my day off, so house cleaning and laundry are my big goals for the day.
I have to go by the office later and do some paperwork with my boss so I can drive DSS patients to appointments and such. I already had to have a background check, drug test, and get permission to drive on military installations, so I can't imagine what info they will want now.
I might try to find some lightweight skirts or dresses to work in while I am out. Jeans and t-shirts are just too hot, so I have had to change my wardrobe completely. I have 3 skirts, but I need some modest shorts or another skirt or 2.
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Morning All!!

And Happy Canada Day to all my Fellow Canadians.

Kind of cool this morning and looks like rain...Woke up about 6 feeling very blah.....My stomach is a little on the queasy side.

Have a few things plan for today. Have to pick up kitty food, and litter sometime this morning.

If it doesn't rain I may head down to the waterfront to see some of the Canada activities they have planned. There was suppose to be a huge fireworks display at dusk so am hoping that it doesn't rain this evening and ruin the whole thing.

The kitties are good this morning, all had their breakfast and since I don't see them they must have all went back to bed, They love my bed in the morning before I make it.

Everyone have a good day
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If the weather agrees, I'll be getting some ME time, as one DD is out for the day, and my hubby will take our other DD to the fireworks and events.

Prolly won't do a whole lot today....some computer work, maybe watch a movie....go take some pics, spend time with the kitties.

It really feels like Friday to me, because DH is home today due to the holiday. (normally he isn't home till Friday).

Have a good day folks.
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Morning everyone.

I am looking forward to a nice long nap today. DS didn't sleep too well over night. He had gas Poor baby but it seems to be gone now. lol

Tonight Molly goes to the vet for her asthma. I am hoping to bring a stool sample. Poor girl is locked in our bedroom with a litter pan since 5am. She went in it once and walked out. I wonder if she has an upper respiratory infection. Her cough is back and I increased her medicine.

Looks like the rain is back.
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Today is going to be a lazy day, this is my plan and I am sticking to it! No studying of anything, brain needs R&R
I have become a super cat now though, is there some sort of cape or costume I need to wear? Do I need to be on alert for cat signals in the sky?
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Cool overcast day here, hopefully the fireworks won't get rained out. Happy Canada Day everyone - you don't have to be Canadian to enjoy!
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Happy Canada day to everyone!

I worked until 2AM last night so woke up late, am working from home right now, and have to head into the office this afternoon.

I bought an embroidery machine yesterday, so will be playing with that again tonight.
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Good afternoon!! I just got home from the barn, had a bad jumping lesson on Scotch, i fell off..... Im in a bit of a depressed mood becuase of well life! I have so many things I want to do in life but dont feel like i have time or the money to do anything, like transfer to another college. Still looking for another job, maybe one that will appreciate me more than the one i am at. I have my horse shoeing class tonight today we get to learn how to put real horse shoes on! I excited!! Hope everyone has a good rest of the day!
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It's almost 3pm on Thursday here but I still wanted to participate.

I had an early morning this morning just pottering around the house getting chores done. I met up with some friends at midday for lunch and had to register the dog and return some library books.

In about 30 mins I'm going to leave to go to work and I'll work until 11pm tonight

Have a good day folks!
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