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Dehydrated Kitten not drinking out of water bowl correctly

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My 10 weeks old kitten doesn't drink water out of bowl correctly. He just place his chin close to water and open/close his mouth slowly like eating but not sticking out his tongue to lap. The water doesn't ripple. He would be in this state for a long time like 5 min. I know he's not drinking enough water and I did a back nape test and the skin stood there so he's really dehydrated. I tried to feed him canned Natural Balance and he only ate a little and left. His foster home caretaker said he was found in an abandoned house and nursed him to health. Not lot of info there.

I tried running water in sink and he just play with water not drink it. My other kitten drinks lot of water and likes to drink running water. Her nape would snap back so she's more than hydrated. I'm concerned about him... he's being less active and sleep all the time. He has hard time to poop and some poop would get stuck and I have to pull out with tissue. It's hard and dry. I will be taking him to vet next week but I lost lot of money and I'm unemployed.

Why isn't he lapping the water to drink? I don't think he knows how and I'm suspecting he's been abandoned bu his mother at young age so he never learned how to lap the water.

Edit- I fed him with straw last night and he's getting better. How can he be taught to drink water on his own? I will be calling vet for advice. He always would suckle on the carpet or rug and "making biscuit" at the same time. I think his mother abandoned him too early and I think he's looking for milk not water?
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He really needs to see a vet asap, young kittens go downhill fast and you are already seeing him less active and sleep.
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If the skin on his neck doesn't snap back, he is dehydrated. If he is not drinking on his own, you need to take him to a vet ASAP, a dehydrated kitten that young, most probably will not last past the next 48 hours.

By this stage, you need to get a Vet to give him an injection of fluids, and until he starts drinking on his own, you may need to force bottle feed him, OR if you can't manage that, find a syringe tube (without the needle) or eye dropper, fill it with some clean water, and gently drop it into the side of his mouth.

He probably won't like it, just go slowly, you dont want him to drink it too fast. keep doing this at regular intervals, don't go too fast or too much, call a vet for some free advice ok? even if you dont have money at the moment, at least call a vet for advice before its too late.

Worst case scenario if you don't have money for the vet at the moment, since it's an emergancy, can the foster carer take him back for a few days? if she nursed him to health, then she will know how to deal with forcing him to take fluids or she might be able to offer some advice on what to do in the interim. Some Vets offer payment plans or CARE CREDIT so if you dont have money you might be eligable for that.
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I agree that it is a cause for a trip to the vet. It is just a baby. Do the right thing by this little one. If you cannot afford to take care of this kittens needs than you need to give him up so he can get the proper care and a home where people can take care of him. please do not treat this lightly. It is a living feeling being and needs to be taken care of. Sometimes that costs money. There is no shame in admiting you can not give him the care he needs. But there is shame in not getting him the care he needs. And he needs a vet.
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