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Thinking of getting cat. . . few problems

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Hey all,

I'm new to the forums and I figured this would be a good of place as any to ask a few questions.

The thing is I'm thinking of getting a cat, but my roommate has a dog that has never been to a vet. My concern is that my future cat could become ill because of his dog. I'm definitely going to be taking my cat to the vets for all the shots he will need as well as check ups. Will that be enough to protect the cat from any illnesses that could pass between the two?

Any information would be very appreciated.
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Your roomie should get his dog checked out, not just for the cat's sake but for his dog's sake.

If you're thinking viral illneses like the kind they vaccinate for, the only one that could affect both animals is rabies as far as I am aware. You should get both your cat-to-be and his dog vaccinated, if only because its fatal to animals and people and legally required in 41 of 50 States (assuming you are American).

Your cat should alsohave a feline distemper or RCP shot, not becuase he can get these cat germs from a dog, but because these germs spread by air and you don't ned kitty-to-kitty contact for your future cat to get ill.

But there are other things like parasites that can spread very quickly from pet to pet and sometimes people too. And you can't just vacinate your cat against them. If the dog has fleas or worms you have to treat him. If you can talk your roomie into seeinga good vet I'm sure they will recommend that along with all the vaccinations and the exam his dog has missed out on that he gets a fecal test for parasites, and medication if needed.
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Another question you should ask yourself is how your roomie dog will react to the introduction of another animal to the apartment. Has their dog ever met a cat before? Or any other animal? What kind of dog is it? Can you seperate them during the introduction period? Just a few things more things to keep in mind.
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