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OMG, I have tears of relief in my eyes! The poor little guy has been through so much, and so have you! I'm beyond thrilled that he found his way home!
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What a relief! I've been worrying about him all day, since I saw your post early this morning. that his wounds heal quickly, and that you both get some much needed rest.
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So glad to hear the good news he will be OK! (so sad to hear what may have caused his injuries)
Wellington for your wounds to heal!
Big smooshy kisses to the kitty cat!
Get some well deserved sleep to all.
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I'm so glad he's home. Wellington and Napolean were some of the first kitties I got to know on the site. And I'm sure Biscotte is very glad he's home.
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Phew! I'm so glad he came back! that he heals quickly!
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That goodness he is home. I just saw this now and my heart sank. It is horrible when kitties who usually are very punctual don't come home. You knew to trust your instincts.

I am so glad he is going to be ok! I know you two are going to sleep sound tonight. It sounds like Biscotte is going to have a much better night as well.

Lots of get well quickly
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Oh, Jenny, I've just seen this, and run the gamut of emotions in a few pages. I'm so glad to hear Wellington is home, safe, and will be fine. One can hope he won't want to go wherever it was that he got caught, ever again. Yeah, well... Just glad the boy is home, and you can all relax.
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I just now saw this and I am so glad he's home!!!
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Oh I'm sorry I've been away from the computer all day & missed this until now!

I'm sooo happy to hear that beautiful white boy is back home, a little worse for the wear, but otherwise OK!
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Oh no, I'm so sorry you had such a stressful few days, you poor thing

I am SO happy he is home, and while he's been roughed up a bit, he's not in too bad a shape. Big that both of you are enjoying a good solid, restful sleep.

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I'm sorry that I missed this before. Many for Wellington to have a swift recovery. I'm so glad he made it back home.
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I jumped from the 1st to the last page to see if he had turned up before i read the rest

Thank goodness he's home. It's sounds logic if he has been caught in something that he would stress himself out, and like you say this heat isn't helping either

That he continues to improve.
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Jenny, I just saw this thread now since we had a holiday yesterday and I didn't do much moderating.

I am so relieved that Wellington is home. I hope you both had a good rest last night. Your kitties are well known to most of us older members and when something happens to them we feel it personally. Hugs to you to help relieve the stress you went through as well.
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Thanks to all of you. He is still not really doing anything but eat and sleep today, but I have been cleaning the wounds and paw and all seems well - no sign of infections. He did not even try to go out this morning when I let Bonaparte and Ellie out, normally he races for the hall door and knows how to open it if it is not locked. But he has lost the look of terror. If it cools down a little over the weekend I am going to go and look for his collar in the fields above the house, to see if I can work out what happened.
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Is Biscotte cuddling with him again?
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I just saw this thread, so I had no idea he was missing! Poor baby! I'm so happy he is home, though. Lots of special TLC is what he needs!
I feel so relieved, since I started with the first post; I didn't know if he had come home yet! You must feel SO relieved just to have him back even if he is hurt.
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Biscotte is checking on him and following him round when he goes to eat, when she eats too. But she is leaving him alone when he sleeps. One thing that concerns me slightly is that he has not said a word since he got back, and he is normally an extremely vocal cat. Does this happen with shock? Or could his vocal chords be bruised as a result of stretching his collar till it came apart? But he is not even trying to miouw - he is just silent. I didn't mention it at the vet - it was only an hour after he came back and it wasn't yet apparent.
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That is a good question, Jenny. I would definitely ask the vet about it, especially since he is usually vocal and you know he got out of his collar. It seems logical that he may have some sort of bruising there, but I would definitely want to know, espeically if he actually has damaged anything in his neck area. Aww poor baby, I hope he gets over this so very soon
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I spoke to the vet on the phone today about it. She is of the opinion that he just meowed so much for help that his voice is strained. I did get a little squeak out of him this morning when I scritched his ears. Otherwise, he is getting better - ran down the stairs witht he others this morning for breakfast and even managed to open the door into the hall before I could lock it. But he is not yet back to his usual self.
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Poor little boy. I'm glad he's recovering though and has you and Biscotte to take care of him
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Just checking in on Wellington. Sounds like his voice is coming back. Biscotte seems to be taking good care of him - that is so sweet.
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Oh my goodness, I saw the thread in the health forum before this one, so even before I started I knew he was back home, but I still ran the huge gamut of emotions and I physically feel ill! POOR WELLINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From this update, it sounds to me like the poor baby strained his vocal cords and he'll be fine soon.


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