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Wellington is missing

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Wellington didn't come home last night. I have not seen him since 10 AM yesterday and it is now 7 AM Wednesday. I have been searching all night and I am beside myself. He has never done this before - he almost never stays out longer than three hours. I have managed to speak with a couple of neighbours who have not seen him. I have driven around, there is no sign of him on the roads, thank goodness, but I have a bad feeling. I am now printingout a flyer that I will deliver round before people go to work in my hamlet and the next one. Your vibes are needed badky for my wonderful boy that he makes it home safely.
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Oh no!! Many come home safe heading your way.
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Oh, my heart sand when I saw the thread title! I hope he comes back home, safe and sound!
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Oh Jenny .......... sending loads of prayers and vibes that way

Come Home Wellington
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Sending come home vibes for Wellington!
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adding my 'get home, Wellington!' & to the rest...
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Oh Wellington, come home....
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Oh no! Wellington, come home right now!
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Oh no, I know how you are feeling right now. Blossom dissappeared all day a couple of months ago & I was very worried. She ended up being found hiding inside because she was injured after being in a cat fight.

I hope Wellington comes home soon.
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Come home Wellington
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Sending many "come home" vibes for Wellington.
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Come home, Wellington! Your meowmy is worried sick!
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I have scoured the forest for two hours this morning, in case he was lying there injured. Come back covered in bites and scratches, but no sign of him. I sent a flyer to the vet. I don't know what to do next - I have told everyone I can think of, searched everywhere I can, now I have wait. One problem is that everyone seems to take it lightly - oh cats roam off for days sometimes, and they don't listen when I say he would never do that.
Biscotte is beginning to show signs of distress - she is sitting in the window looking for him and then coming to me for lots of love, then going back to the window, with occasional cries. I wish I could reassure her.
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Maybe he will hear her cries and come home. Does she go out at all so she can call for him? Fred once found Leo up a tree after hearing his cries.
I was so hoping you posted to say he had returned safely. Don't give up, he may just be having a little adventure.
TCS magic is a powerful thing, hopefully enough vibes and prayers will bring him home to you.
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Wellington, enough is enough now, time to come home!
Follow the
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Oh No Jenny Many vibes Wellington makes it home, Soon and safe Poor Biscotte
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Wellington, come home. Everyone needs you at home.
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Worst feeling in the world, isn't it. My heart goes out to you.

Get your butt home, Wellington; there's plenty of time for adventures after you check in with mom!
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You are describing my worst nightmare. I am so sorry; I hope Wellington comes home soon, or someone finds him and returns him to you.
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Oh no Jenny. Sending many vibes for Wellington to come home safely.
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He returned half an hour ago, but he has been through something awful. He is limping with a gash in his hind leg and he has other abrasions. He has lost his collar and is in deep shock - his eyes are huge and frightened. But he made straight for the food and demolished a whole bowl, then had a poop in the tray. Now he is asleep on an upstairs windowsill. Biscotte keeps going up to him to see he is all right, but is leaving him alone to rest.

So - a fight, a car, a barbed wire fence? All are possibles. We have an appointment at the vet for 6 PM, in less than an hour and we will see if he can offer any answers and check my poor boy over. Thank you all for your vibes - I know Wellington is a special cat, but it is wonderful to see how many people were rooting for him.
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Thank you for coming back home Wellington!
Poor baby, sounds to me like he got in a bad fight.
Dear baby, you are home now, and all will be OK.
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Thank God! I hope he gets better real, real soon. I bet getting back to you was what kept him going during the past day.

BTW: My 17-year-old son was just in your neck of the woods last week on a class trip. He brought home some absolutely beautiful pictures!

Get well soon, Wellington!!!
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So glad to hear that he has returned; I hope the vet gives you a clean bill of health!
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What a relief he is back!! Renewing vibes that he will be ok
Poor Biscotte looking out for her Wellington
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Oh, bless his heart, that poor baby I pray everything is okay with him Jenny
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Checking in and glad to see he's home but not so happy at his condition. Miss Biscotte is going to have to give him a good talking to! (We had a female give her mate a "talking to" and it included a couple of smacks along side of his head. )
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We are back from the vet and Wellington will be fine. He has a gash on his leg and has lost a claw on the same leg, and several puncture wounds are visible on his back. All treatable with twice daily bathing in antiseptic. But the vet thinks it was probably not a fight but that he was tangled up in some wire or brambles, or stuck on a fence. His ears are sunburned, because the last cream I put on them was yesterday morning, but it is not severe. I hate to think of him trying to free himself in the hot sun all day and then all night. He is so happy to be home - it is visible in every move he makes and on his expression. His pupils have gone down so he is no longer terrified, though he has not recovered his vocal energy. He and I will enjoy a good night's sleep tonight - neither of us has eaten or slept for 36 hours!
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Jenny, I just saw this. So glad Wellington is home and recovering? Are you going to keep him as an indoor-only kitty after this adventure?
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Thank God he is ok. Poor baby, I know he must be so relieved to be home again. I hope everyone can sleep peacefully tonight.
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