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Help Needed ASAP!!! Thank you so much!!!

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Hello everyone, I have an 11 year old orange tabby. Last week he was scratching the side of his head so hard that he started bleeding, and I assumed it was an ear problem so I cleaned out his ear with flea treatment. In the past two days he's gotten worse; there was pus coming out of his eyes, so I gave him a shower. Now his walking is very wobbly and all the vets are closed in my area. I am planning on taking him tomorrow, but I also can't miss work. Are there any antibiotics or meds I can give him right now? Does this sound like an ear infection to you? Thank you so much for your kind responses.
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Flea treatment, or ear mite meds??
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Sorry, that's what I meant. I used Tresaderm, but it didn't seem to help things.
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Good. Don't give him anything else until you can get him to a vet. I would be concerned that he may have a ruptured ear drum, or a serious "inner" ear infection if his eyes juust started running after you applied the tresaderm.

Maybe you could drop him off and pick him up after work? Many that it's something less serious.
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He needs to go to a vet - bottom line.
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i agree with the above poster about a vet visit. my liza had conjunctivitis twice. one of the symptoms is pus coming out of the eye. this is a very very serious condition. it is a mega infection. that could be why he is wobbling. because the location is so close to the brain.

you need to get him to a vet like yesterday!!! he could lose his eye or die from the infection.

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Hi everyone,
I took my cat to the vet today for a preliminary, and he said my cat might have stomach cancer. However, I want the x-rays and blood test performed at another clinic, so that hasn't been done yet. My cat is still eating a lot and hasn't vomited, and his stool and urine look normal. I still think a middle ear infection might be causing his problems; the vet only took a very brief look at the external part of my cat's ear, and I read that middle ear infections aren't readily apparent. I'm hoping it's just an infection, because that's a lot easier to treat. He's been scratching at his ear, and his walking is unbalanced. Does this sound like a bad ear infection to you, even though the vet kind of ruled that out?

Anyways, I'll be taking him back for additional tests tomorrow. Please pray for him (his name is Mingda).
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Many and prayers for Mingda. Please keep us updated.
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