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Jake has a thing for bananas...

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I dunno what's up with him but every time someone eats a banana- he's begging for some. Well he is really sneaky and whenever I'm eating something he's always sitting right next to me on top of the table- so nothing can escape him. He is never interested in most of my food though. Some things, such as ham he will try to steal from me but if I just push him away just once he stops. Anyways with bananas he goes crazy and wants them!! I usually just give him a tiny bite, but today as I was eating a banana half of it broke and fell on the floor, and Jake was at it immediately. He was devouring it, eating with more excitement than he eats anything else. I took it away before he got more than a few bites...But I'm curious why is he so crazy about bananas? There is no other human food he tries to go for ..My dad is always feeding him random things like baked chicken breast or chicken livers...he only gives him small amounts and Jake loves to eat that stuff but he never actually begs for them, just patiently waits if someone will be nice enough to give him some...
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I am no expert, but I don't think it will hurt him. My Fluffy will chew through the skin to get to a banana. She has stolen several and eaten them almost completely before I was aware that she had them. She will sneak up and try to get a bite if anyone is eating one and not paying attention. She will eat anything that will hold still, but is particularly fond of bananas. I haven't figured it out either.
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LOL! My cats really, really like cheese chips. I'm trying to wean them off of it, though.
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My cat food has bannana in it, and my all love fresh bannana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
They can have it, it won't hurt anyone, mine like bannana yogurt too.
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Nora absolutely LOVES bananas and can tell immediately when walk through the door from going to the grocery store that we have them in one of the bags, and she starts going nuts. She also loves anything banana flavored, like Gerber Puffs, baby food, etc. I know, she's weird. Bananas are her favorite people food, but she also loves cucumbers, tomatoes, and watermelon. lol When we have each of these we usually give her a couple pieces. We call her our vegetarian cat.
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That sounds like my Pirate and milk. I try not to give it to him, but he will kill himself freaking out for it when I'm holding the jug of milk. Literally, one of these days he'll cause himself to have a stroke! He also does the same when I have a piece of long spaghetti or lunchmeat. I've got an oddball of a cat.

I saw something on TV a while back about a dog's favorite food being bananas, and the reason was because they had an unknown potassium deficiency. So, maybe he has low potassium? IDK if it's possible in cats to do the same thing as dogs, I would suspect so. He probably just loves bananas, like Pirate loves his milk (that's bad for him, I know I'm a bad mommy). They're just like kids, aren't they?! It gets old real quick though...
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Wow that is crazy it isn't just Jake!!!! LOL Now i'm even more curious to know what it is in bananas to make this. I know bananas are rich in tryptophan which is converted to seratonin, maybe it makes them high? Lol I doubt it....but i want to know lol
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I found out my dog likes bananas tonight when I was eating one and she took a bite!
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