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Okay so today we.....hubby and all 4 cats went to the vet.....
$241.00 later we found that they need to have stuff in the water for their teeth, at least thats what we are going to try first. Everyone has redish gums, but not a bunch of gunk on teeth, we will go from there. Also everyones FAT... Piglet is 11.6 lbs. Tuffy is 13.5 lbs. Bandit is 11.7 lbs. and Scuddel is 12 lbs even. Doctor wants about 2 to 3 lbs off of all....oh well.
We are going to try to cut food down a few ounces to start. And I will try 3 feedings per day instead of 2. I got a different messuring scoop, smaller so we will work with that too. The doctor told me to try a light food, so I will after we become closer to finishing this bag. I will have to start them out easy, as to not get the tummies upset. Other then the above, all was well, and they are healthy!