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Goose Cuteness Warning and Pic Overload!!

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Sorry it has taken me 2 weeks to get these pics up but had some computer problems and then have just been all around busy. Well Goose is here to stay. (not very much convincing and when the kitten writes Daddy a note it works great ) She was part of my 3 bottle babies and I surprised the DH with her the morning the 2 others left. I got updates and they are doing fabulous. Goose is already spoiled rotten and refuses to stay in the bathroom anymore so she has free run of the house with the rest of the crew. Here are some new pics of little Goose.

Queen of the scratcher

Using the scratcher like a big girl

my little sleeping princess (don't mind the boogers we are on meds)

MOM!!! come on the sun is bright!!

Little Princess

All the other guys in the house love her and are getting along well with her. She and Sloth are buddy buddies.

Up Sloth's butt lol

I caught Kricket and Goose snuggled together.

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OMG! Totally adorable.
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Good god she's completely stunning!!!
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So cute!!!
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So, so, so cute! I love the way your other cats have taken little Goose under their paws!
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The white fluff under Goose's chin is TOO CUTE! She looks like a little troublemaker, and I love how she is making friends with all your cats! Good job Goosey!
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Awwww she's so cute, and it's great she's getting on so well with your other kitties! Great pics
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Goose is adorable and the pics are great! I have to tell you that Kricket reminds me so much of our beloved Sweety we lost 4 years ago.
Had to share a pic of her.......

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thanks for looking everybody i'll definately keep pics coming as she grows.
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Aw, she's too cute! The white under her chin really looks like my Taylor. I love the pic of her up Sloth's butt, that's funny!
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Awwwww look at her little bandy legs, how precious are they

Love the idea of the note to Daddy, brilliant!!
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Little Princess
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