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Skitty kitty being brave!

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In the last few days, Squirrel (who is very skitty around all humans including me) has been taking treats right out of my hand. A few times she's even licked my hand in the process...I know it's probably because she was aiming at the treat and missed, but all I could think about it at the time was "awwwwwwww."

I've got to keep getting this kind of treats; the three canisters that I picked up because they were on clearance aren't going to last at this rate.
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Don't you love it when they start to accept the love you are dying to give? Congrats on her coming out of her shell!
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Yeah definitely. I just hope it doesn't totally traumatize her when we move (in about three weeks).
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Brave kitty. You'll have to read up on moving house with cats so she doesn't get too uncomfortable with her new surroundings.
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How cute. I loved it when Fatty first licked me. She has such a pink tongue!
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Awwwww, that sounds like when I got Mama Mia. She was (and still somewhat is) very skittish and un-trusting. And that's kinda how I got her to like me and trust me. I fed her dry food from a bowl sitting in my hand, then I put the food directly in my hand. It got to the point where she would rather give me kisses than eat! It's so rewarding when they start to come around, isn't it?! When Mia first kissed me, I pretty much melted inside. Too cute!

Maybe if she knows that you are at the new house, and that you=good things, maybe she won't regress. (don't know, never moved with cats before). Make sure to let us know how the move goes!
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Originally Posted by Kalikat View Post
Brave kitty. You'll have to read up on moving house with cats so she doesn't get too uncomfortable with her new surroundings.
I've moved with her and her sister twice before, so we have a bit of a routine. The first thing I do in a new place is set up the cat food and box near the crate so that they come out at their own pace when they need something. Over the next few days, they find the hiding places that the new place supplies (here, it was a kind of a gap behind a kitchen drawer, that apparently another cat had used before because they found a new toy back there), and I set up furniture that's familiar to them so they get some of their places, like behind the couch and under the bed, back.

I'm hoping this doesn't set Squirrel's socialization too far back, and once we get there I'm going to be working with Panther on getting her used to BF. Other than that, the only thing I'm worried about is that, if we get into town after the leasing office at the new apartment closes, we'll need to crash for the night at BF's place. With BF's dog. I can't imagine the cats will be pleased about that.
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Update: Squirrel has started, after I give her treats, getting my finger into her mouth for a second. It's just happened a few times so I know it's not just an accident. The first time I thought she was going to bite me, but she didn't--I think she's sucking the flavor off, and it's sooooo cute!
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