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Goodbye pretty fingernails

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I was blessed by genetics to have very nice nails, I get them from my mom who's nails were the envy of all women, strong durable suckers! She, and I, could take a small gazell down with these bad boys!
My clinicals for CNA class start Monday, and I have to chop them. This is no supprise, knew I could not keep them, and of course makes sence. Not hygenic, and can cause injury to someone or myself. (In our lab doing bed lifts using the draw sheet I almost punctured my own palms with them)
They are not freaky weird long, lol, but longer than I have let them get in, well years. I really let them grow out this last month so people could practice nail care on me, but no one did! (not the best lab teacher, but that is another story)
Its a silly thing I know to post about this, but there are a lot of really tragic posts around the board these days, so I though you could all get a laugh out of a nail cutting mini depression!
It is making me sad though to cut them.
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do not have pain during the process?...
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I know what you mean. I have a job where I can't have long fingernails. I keep them super short. I have gotten used to it but every once in a while I am faced with someone with super pretty girly girl nails and find myself totally envious and feel like a toad next to them.

They are healing hands now! Beautiful for a different reason.
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Originally Posted by Trillcat View Post
She, and I, could take a small gazell down with these bad boys!
That's a funny way to put it!

Since you'll be missing your nice nails (for fifi1puss, too), why not do something nice with your hair to make it up to yourself?
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You may not have to chop them really short!

Where I work the finger nail length guideline is .632 mm (1/4 inch). However you can't have fake nail tips, and if you wear polish, you have to remove it if it's chipped. Bacteria can get under the chipped polish, or the chips can land up in pill cups etc. Also it looks unsightly.

My nails are about 1/4 inch long right now and painted shocking pink!
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I've always disliked my nails but recently stopped biting them and always touching them in some way, and wow, I have good nails! I open soda cans with them with no problems and I'm amazed at my nails right now. But in general, I don't like to have them too long. I prefer the way they look short for some reason! They are still longer than usual but only slightly.
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Gardening always does my nails in for several months. On the up side working my other job I have to wipe down alot of bread pans and the coatings we spray the pans with absorb into the towels we use and onto my hands so they are not as dry as they could get!
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I have never bitten my nails, I don't do manual labor and none of my hobbies involve anything that would jeopardize my nails. Still, I have NEVER been able to grow them very long. It is just so unfair.

Take pics of them and cheer yourself up thinking of me wishing I had your nails.
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