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New foster - Tex the Tux

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He is a two year old tuxi cat, saved from the same lousy animal control where I got the others. He's adorable. He has the gravel-y baritone meow that comes out of this tiny body with this sweet, almost cartoonish face - short muzzle, round eyes a wide face that looks even wider with the white band underneath his cheeks. And he has this little reverse white beauty mark on his lip. Too cute! Anyway... enjoy my new boy!

Here he is on the mantle which is adjacent to the stairs...

A couple of quick clips of him playing with toy mousies.. which he LOOOOOOVES!!! This aren't the best example, but he really throws himself into the play!

His face reminds me a little of Pussyfoot - a b/w kitten from the old Looney Tunes cartoon:

And in case this wasn't enough - a quick clip of my sweetie/scaredy boy Ghost - who is coming along. I even got him to play with a toy mouse a little bit this morning!
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oh my gosh! look at those HUGE eyes!!!! he looks like he has no bottom jaw
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Tex is such a handsome guy. I love the way he energetically throws himself into his play. As for Ghost, what a sweetie. You are doing so well with him.
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That video of Ghost was taken a little more than a week ago.. I am stunned to see how much he has improved in his physical condition. He's energetic and loving.. and is doing a little bit of exploring!

Re: tex and his toys - that's nothing.. . I wanted to get pics of him doing backwards somersaults !!! I will keep trying!
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Tex is so gorgeous and I love his name!

Ghost is a great name for a kitty too.
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Oh my gosh, Tex's eyes are SO HUGE! He looks surprised all the time! It's adorable! He does look awfully cute in the videos, and Ghost is so pretty and sweet, aww.

Pixel and I watched Pussyfoot together. Pixel wanted to attack the kitty on the screen.
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He reminds me of a kitty here at the shelter I adored.
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