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Flea/tick prevention w/ multiple cats

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I went and picked up some Revolution from the vet's but now that I have two cats, I find I'm faced with a dilemna about the application. My cats do groom each other and play together several times a day and I'm worried about them accidentally licking and ingesting the Revolution from one another. I realize an easy solution might be separating them for 12 hours, but both of them get very stressed when they're separated for long periods of time. Nico, our new addition from a month ago, especially freaks out. When we first got him, the stress of being in a new home with new smells and another cat made him lick his hind legs a bit bare. Now that he is comfortable, the fur is growing back but I worry that separating him from Coda will make him start overgrooming again.

I'm thinking of administering the Revolution right before bed, to lessen the chances of them licking it off of each other since they will mostly be sleeping during that period of time.

What do those of you with multiple cats do about this?
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I always put mine one before bedtime. Early enough that I have an hour or so to keep an eye on them, but when they are sleepy and we're getting ready for bed.

That said, mine start squinting and going a little crazy right after I put it on. I do not think they like the smell much. So, with my two anyway, I wouldn't be too concerned about them licking it off each other. I think they'd like to get away from their own neck if they could!
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My two didn't seem too keen on licking it off each other either. My girl was really mad at me, after I tricked her into coming by me with some nice roast turkey. After I got the Revolution on her neck, she wandered over to the catnip bowl, making sure I saw her. I'm thinking, 'oh, she's going to comfort herself with a little nip' - nope, she stood in the bowl and pee'd! After that, it was back to the box, but I guess she was telling me her opinion of that smelly stuff.
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