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EPA Investigating Spot On Flea & Tick Treatments

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We've known for a long time that OTC spot on flea & tick treatments have the potential to be harmful, but the list that is being investigated includes prescription ones as well.

Not sure what this means, exactly, but obviously this is important to all pet owners who treat for fleas and ticks.

Original article:

Listing of All EPA Registered EPA Spot On Treatments:

It appears that ALL are being investigated. That doesn't necessarily mean that ALL carry the same risk, but they are all under investigation based on reports to the EPA.
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Thank-you very much for sharing this information.

My cats started taking Vectra 2 months ago. They are both having health problems but I'm not certain it's related. One threw up more often after being treated and now has bald patches which we are treating as ringworm but do not know for sure. I see that Vectra is on the list of treatments being investigated. This month I am switching to Revolution which I do not see on the list. I find the article very interesting and it validates my concern.
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Thanks for the head's up - I just started using Revolution on my two last month and I don't see Pfizer or Revolution mentioned either, although I thought it was FDA-approved. I know my vet told me that side effects with Revolution were rare, but to call if I had any questions or concerns. So far, my big question is just how to I get two more hands to hold my kitties while I try to administer it, but it's good to be vigilant.
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Thanks for posting this. Thankfully my boys don't get any kind of treatment normally since they are indoor and not expose to other animals, but they have both had various vet treatments in the past.
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Neither Advantage Multi or Revolution are under investigation... That's interesting... I hope that is good news for their users, instead of an overlook...
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To the invstigation. My friend has a Shih-Tzu nd she once treated her with Sargeants (sp) flea treatment she bought at Walmart. It as the right treatment for the dog's weight (she actually had 4 pounds to go to reach the limit). Long story short 30min after the application her dog was panting, foaming through the mouth and could not move. It was terrifying. She had to wash the dog witn dish soap to try to remove as much as possible poison from her skin(vet was 30min time to lose)
After some research I found out it has happen many times before to other beloved pets. Awful.
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not surprising to me ... ONE of the main reasons I use a formula that IS registered with the epa BUT IS NOT required to be... if you read the fine print of all other flea and tick control youll find a EPA number if you look it up youll get something similar to a material safety data sheet
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