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Princeys Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Im on my moms comp and I found some of princeys pictures of when she was a few months old last year.. I think she is SUCH a cutie!!!

Shes so funny! To bad I dont have any pictures of her now, a year later..
Or of her adorable sister Sassy!!

But I will include a few pictures of her other fur-sister that died way before princey was born.. Kitsala was her name she was oneof my "special" babies.. ( Not to say princey or sassy are not special .. but Kitsy was my first fur-baby..)

Ok Here ya go!

Heres Princey next to My Sisters stuffed Animal Dog.

Princey Being Cleanly!

Lying Down.

Her at a Gawky Stage..

******************* After Messing up my room, She Cleans But Only Herself!

Ugh, Kitty Im not the paparazzi! Im owned by you! Remeber??

Lookey There A Fly!

AHHHH!!! Guess What??

Shes BACK!! LOL!!


Now Onto My Other Pets..

Tickles And Kitsala.. (Tickles Is The Dog) Tickles Died From An Epilepsy Attack (2001). And Kitsala Fell Off Our Basement Stairs Onto The Concrete.. She was My Baby..(She Died 1998) I miss her and Tickles sooo much.

Same Picture But It's a Little Clearer.

My Sister Dani And Kitsala, Sorry This Picture was taken with a Digital Camera .. So its Not That Clear.

Sorry This picture is REALLY blurry! But my little sister danielle is sleeping on kitsala and tickles is at dani's feet.

This is Laddie Our first dog, he was a real sweetie.. but he died when my mom was going to pick me and my brother up from school but my moms car wasnt working so she went to all the neighbors houses and they all replyed no. Then the door blew open and laddie ran out, and laddie went by my sisters side. Then an a**hole who was WAAAAAYYYY over the speed limit, he hit him with his car..and when my mom asked him for help he said "hold on let me empty my groceries".... my younger sister saw everything and that was her baby, he died in my moms arms.. He was my one and only dog.. him and tickles..



Heres Pupsy and My sister Dani ( this was a year or two ago) when my sister was in her chubby stage..
Pupsy looks exactly the same maybe younger LOL He ages well hes going to be 3 in july..

I have 2 more dogs and 2 more kitties pictures for you all to see but these pictures are from when my digital camera worked..
The dogs are:

Kailey 6 years

Bandit 8 or 9 not sure LOL


The cats are :

My baby Sassy ( 1 year)

Sparky ( sparkles, who is 6-7 months)

( Princey Looks MOSTLY *normally* like the picture with This: ******************* On top of the picture)
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Awww!!! So cute! Princey looks like my other kitty ChiChi that lives at my parents house!

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Cute pictures!!!!
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Yeah and she always poses so cute!!! Shes a funny lil critter LOL Shes got a VERY cute Personality thats why her names Princess Cutie, but her n/n is Princey.. Oi I love her and her sister!!! they are my little babies!!

Princeys having kittens soon so shes GIGANTIC! Her "boyfriend" we suppose is Orange and white striped.. and he was a looker too so the babies will be gorgeous! LOL
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