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I am going to the vet today in about a hour

But this is my question could these symtoms be a vac reation or genetic disorder.

This is what one of the kittens is going through boss. Now it seem two of the other three are starting the smae symtoms. They got there vac 2 weeks ago today. Boss started his symtoms about 1 week ago.
Back Story

Well the rest of the kitten are limping like boss was the other day.

I think there may be something more to this then I am thinking boss is going in today. We will find out for sure.sunshine and simba have started sitting on there back paws like boss was doing when this all started.

At first boss was limping on one foot about a week after his vac.

Then he would sit on his but the next day like he could not use either paw no swelling or anything made appointment the next day he was fine. Canceled apointment he was fine thought it was a fluke.

then that would have been friday saturday the first bump showed up I think the stratch showed up to but I still say that was unrelated.

Then he added a new bump everyday sense I even found a fresh one this morning.

Well yesterday sunshine was limping did not think anything of it no swelling her and the other two are upstairs seperated from boss. Thought they played to ruff well last night she was sitting on her but today she is find. Just like boss was next day back to normal.

Now simba is following in the same foot steps.

I am scared to find out what this is. I dont want to have to put them all down I could not handle that.
Any ideas